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I got pretty upset tonight


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I read a Buzzfeed article that was linked to from a "feminist" website(Jezebel.com). I'm not going to link it because it's mean spirited towards the state of having a below average penis, even if some of the men referenced were able to overcome this huge flaw through being good people and achieve the status of being dumped for reasons other than their penis. I'm just so upset, I had to vent here. Thank you for listening. I am convinced that Feminism must include general compassion for all humans, the kind that Emma Watson talked about at the UN, to be morally superior. "Feminism" that accepts disrespect of those who have done nothing wrong other than being different than the bully is not true feminism. I cannot comprehend how a site can champion gender equality and body positivity and then turn around and run an article that throws small penises under the bus. Why won't they approve my comments for public viewing. Maybe they know how hypocritical they are being and are just doing it for clicks.

I don't want to be upset anymore because I need to sleep, but now my emotions are just revved up to 11. Why doesn't society care about us?

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Yeah Shame I have ranted about Jezebel in the past I think they run that crap just to get attention. Where I respectfully disagree is I feel they are the face of feminism today. It is all part of a larger misguided attempt to bring men down. They see us as the enemy, save for the handful they want to harvest orgasms from.

Just my opinion!

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Katie Kempf · S. Indiana · 255 followers

Uhm, while I really appreciate Buzzfeed trying to make dudes with small penises feel good about their lives, this is in no way, shape, or form realistic. I had one encounter with a fella with a small peen, & regardless of what he did, it was not pleasant at all. Basically I feel like I was acting in some kind of low budget local porn film to make this guy feel like a normal human being. It was awkward & I wanted to make it known that his little peeper wasn't even remotely touching anything inside of my body that would feel remotely close to good, but I couldn't bring myself to humiliate him. So I went through this pretentious sexual situation & then have regretted it ever since. FML


Ashley Bilmes · Top Commenter · Fanshawe College · 156 followers

I'm ok with smaller penis' as long as it's a little thicker. I am more sensitive on the outside anyways. My daughter's father is a "micro" penis. Like he had some length but it was skinny. Also couldn't stay hard hence the no condom use and my birth control failed. I asked his ex girlfriends if they had this issue with him thinking maybe it was me and they have lol.

I checked the buzzed article.

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    Jenn McCranie · Top Commenter · Savannah Tech

    Yep....I dated a guy with a child's sized penis while back. Only for a couple months. I cheated on him with my more-hung ex (who I was still in love with in all fairness). Glad we didn't work out (for reasons other than his penis size) and we're still good friends. But hey, I'm a unapologetic size queen.
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Cassie Jenis · Top Commenter · Ithaca, New York

I've encounter one of these. I kept telling him to stop teasing and put it in... and then when I got a better look I felt pretty awful.


Robyn 'bob' Thorn · Top Commenter · Burntwood

I've had a couple, the one in particular was completely oblivious to it and whilst deep-gumming him he exclaimed 'omg, how are you getting it all in?!' I literally burst out laughing and all I could think was 'how can I not?!'. He's affectionately known as micro*name* to us now..I can't even say his personality or other (lack of) skills made up for it.. I can only imagine it's what shagging a crayola feels like.

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For a while I was quite inspired by the 14 articles- this is 14 women who say they gave the small guys a chance.

And some of these guys were smaller than me.

Then of course I remember how my 4th GF SWEARED she didnt mind my size- but then I saw her diary- and the truth

Of course 14 women interviewed for a major site are not going to want to appear a super bitch or to upset thousands of guys who will read the articles.

So they white lie- they play down their revulsion and lack of satisfaction.

Out of the 14 women- how many are with their small guy?? That would be ZERO.

So they split up for 'unrelated reasons'- ha- thats what my 4th GF would claim I quite sure.

The comments above (legit- I checked post histories) is the reality of my life.

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General compassion for all humans sounds ideal to me. I'm sorry you felt upset, Shame. :( Maybe stay away from that site in the future? Sounds very insensitive and disrespectful to me.

You are correct Irma, I blocked them from my Facebook. Problem is that some of their stuff was interesting and/or funny but in the end just too much hate for me and I am against that no matter who is targeted.

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Well I went to the buzz feed site because "shame on Them" said some guys were able to overcome their problems.

And to be fair the 14 articles were not as bad as many I have read over the years.

Whilst the girls were shocked to discover the small penises, several, if not most, tried to make things work.

They tried to work around the issue (just like my partners tried to) and said they had orgasms via alternative methods.

So there were some positives …

But then I read the comments below the article … and then I remembered conversations I have observed from my female friends over the years and the fact that all my GFS left me…. just like the guys in the 14 stories….

I guess I'm trying to find evidence I might not be alone forever….. that I might not be sexually worthless….

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Lots of opinions on the web, there is no point looking for those that upset.

Jezebel is one of the reasons why I am not a feminist, I believe in equality.

i think massive physical and emotional differences between men and women merit (at least somewhat) different rights and responsibilities; that's not to say that there shouldn't be some basic equal rights and duties.

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I appreciate the support, I didn't want to trigger anyone else's anxiety. I am going to try and be positive today and remember that most women would act entirely different on these subjects if they could fully empathize our pain. I understand body shame first hand, and for that reason I don't tolerate it anymore, it's just a shame that some take being shamed as an invitation to body shame others.

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Those comments were upsetting to read. Often people forget that everyone is human. I find that amongst many women they feel they gain respect through their partners penis size, but, this reflects their own immaturity. I just hope one day you can focus less on the negative and accept that the views expressed by these women don't reflect the views of all women.

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Feminism and equality is an oxymoron. Feminism has turned the majority of young western women into sexually liberated, masculinised whores and turned men into emasculated bitches. Feminism is about equal opportunities but not equal responsibilities. Feminists are only interested in the good things that men had, they continue to ignore the shit many men go through. Over 90% of workplace deaths are of men and men are more likely to be unemployed. Men are more likely to commit suicide and more likely to be murdered. Now where's this outpouring of concern by feminists? None, because the majority of them couldn't give two fucks about men and the others are blatant misandrists They just constantly keep promoting this fictional " rape culture" down our throats yet it's these women who objectify themselves by acting and dressing like sluts and then promote being a "slut" as if it's a positive thing. But of course we'll blame men and hate men and won't accept responsibility that we put ourselves in danger. It's man's fault we're sluts but then it's a good thing anyway. Yes it's positive to feel your body up with STD's and not know who the father is to your child, and then kill the baby, or if you do know who the father is, sponge off him and take the money to go out clubbing and feed your child junk food and sit him/her in front of the TV and bring your son up to be a to be a little girly boy or your daughter to be a whore, because there is no man in the picture because " you're strong and independent" and don't need these useless men. But don't worry, if there was a war or a severe natural disaster, we'd still expect the men to get us out of the shit and if there was a Titanic like scenario, we'd expect the man to be the last of the boat to save us and our precious vagina. You see because we're oppressed women but we're also special and better then men. We're "strong and independent women, we don't need silly men" other then when we need to sponge of them of them or when the chips are down, to boost out materialistic, self-obsessed, fake bodied ego because we're shallow whores. Which unfortunately is what the majority of " sexually liberated " modern woman has become. A woman who's natural sate is to be a nurturing, caring compassionate being, has been turned into a bitter. cold, man who couldn't give a damn about her own children. That is feminism for you.

Equal opportunities and equal responsibilities are two different worlds. The responsibilities of women and men will always be different as we have different tasks in our lives. Having opportunities in life is something women had to fight for very hard and is only managed in western countries. And ofcourse, those opportunities are still not equal at all.

The amount of women around the world that don't have choice, opportunity, rights or even a voice is staggering.

Feminism gave word to the women.

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I'll post more later when I have time, I have to go to work ;-(

But I agree w your comments about conditions for women across the entire globe, particularly in Muslim countries, but here in America frankly I just completely disagree. I see first hand every day of my life the preferences women get in the workplace and it angers me.

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Feminism is a set of ideals that are focused around gender equality. Intersectional feminism is the concept of equality for everyone along all the lines that divide us, and that includes treating us men with body image issues with respect. The problem arises when women, who are bitter(probably rightfully so) about their treatment in this country(USA), take the banner of a wonderful ideal and wave it while they do and say shitty things that are usually anti-feminist, misandrist, or generally lacking human compassion. Sex Positivity is an important concept, and we have to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman(or anybody) having a sexual preference, voicing that preference, and acting upon it so that they can achieve their most satisfying sex. Where that right stops is the intersection of Body Positivity, which dictates that nobody should ever be made to feel bad about their body, and that, outside of health, all of our bodies are equally great. A woman can have a preference for big dicks without mocking or objectifying(if I hear one more slang term or inhuman object to describe a small penis I'm going to scream) men who don't fit that preference. The same goes for men's preferences for tight wastes and big butts, there is nothing inherently wrong with the preference, but we must still always be aware that those who are different are deserving of our complete respect and compassion. Yes, some people say horrible things out of ignorance or apathy, and yes there are some really shitty self-proclaimed "feminists" out there whose mistreatment by society leaves them lacking general human compassion, but we can't let a truly awesome thing be ruined by those who betray it.

Also, as a general request, I know that there is a lot of inevitable friction between our own penis anxieties and the growth of women's sexual liberty, but we really shouldn't resort to misogyny or lumping all women together as some topics devolve into.

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