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another sleepless night for blossom...



i'm still awake. and i've still done nothing. i think i give up on painting for tonight. i just need to get this essay done.. i got a little distracted for a while but discovered some weird stuff.. i learnt about my karmic master number and debt number and karmic lessons and lots of other weird numerology stuff.. then when i found out my numbers i looked up the meanings and .... well basically i'm doomed..

apparently i abused my freedom in a past life and now i have to keep living until i make up for it. and there will be a lot of change in my life. can't wait for that..! the special tip it gave me is "temperance". it says i crave freedom [that's true] and i'm not a very committed person. i jump from one thing to another coz i think it will give me freedom but it doesn't.. it says i have to learn to be more disciplined and committed and to try find balance and structure. and if i don't fix it, i'll just be brought back into this life again when i die to repay the debt. DOOMED. but it did say i'd be good at writing mystery novels and that sounds good to me.

sorry if i'm talking crap. i'm really tired.


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Yes, it's possible to die from lack of sleep; various torture techniques rely on keeping someone awake. But it's probably not possible to commit suicide that way. Death is boring, and you fall asleep instead.

I hope you're doing okay, too, BlossomBug.

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oh.. today was a lonnng day. i spent the morning typing and printing my essay, handed it up, pretended i was sick so i didn't have to go to my art history lecture, then spent the rest of the day painting in college up until 8. i got most of the landscape painting i was working on finished but i still need to get more done before tomorrow. i'm really sleepy. i almost feel like i'm floating. i will have to stay up all tonight to get stuff done. i bought lots of redbull and other energy drinks to keep me awake and i'll drink lots of coffee too. just 1 more night! i think i'm going crazy i've even started talking to myself..

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So, I guess I can reconstruct your memory at least enough to understand that your deadline was postponed until Thursday ... :-)

Do you tell yourself anything interesting? Anything you didn't already know? :-P

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