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i won't let myself sleep again. it's really annoying.. i know i'll fall asleep eventually because im really really tired but for now i'm stuck being awake :P(

i'm going to start keeping a dream journal coz i have strange dreams all the time. i wish i could fly.my eyes are so sleeepy..... i miss sue and starry..

i miss my cousin.

there;s a "something" that's bothering me.

i wish i was a hippie.

don't want to work tomorrow

or the day after

don't want want to spend my whole 2 weeks holidays at home

kinda miss having a therapy lady..

want my "something" to get lost



my sister is having all her little friends over tomorrow :O/

i wish everyone inthe world ;was happy


the enddd..


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i got barely any sleep again. i eventually fell asleep at around 5 o clock i think. then ykw decided to wake me at 9.30 coz she was angry and needed someone to shout at so now i'm upset coz she said mean stuff to me. i don't even know what i did wrong :D(

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I'm not entirely sure, and what I know, is hard to explain.

I was planning on starting fresh, this morning: get up at a decent time, put my thoughts into order, come to work at a reasonable hour, do a fair job, go home early, and just basically have a good day.

After getting up early, the rest didn't happen. 'finding' is worried that it's because we talked on the phone this morning, but that's not it. Just my attitude wasn't into it.

I'm just tired of my days all seeming the same.

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I have a to-do list; it'll be a busy week.

I probably won't get to go anywhere very far away. But I will make sure I get at least a couple of hours for fun.

How about you, what's on for the weekend?

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don't think it's happening anymore. my friends can't go. i asked 3 of them. 2 can't go and i havn't heard from 1 yet but i have a feeling she won't go because they all go to college together and live together and they're like a threesome.

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Hi Blossom

Is not sleeping a student thing? My 19 year old daughter and some of her friends have trouble sleeping. I think the heat we are having does not help, it makes every one tired and narky (had to put up with lots of narky people in work this week).

I'm on 2 weeks off now too, not going on holidays this year either. The summer months can be very boring for students - are you going to any festivals this year?

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hey goose! how are you?

it probably is.... :D

the heat is so annoying :o( there is barely any air conditioning where i work and everyone is really attitud-ey especially the customers. i hate customers.

no i'm not going to any festivals :o( i wish i was going to the picnic again...

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i'm so stupid :D| i decided to take a "mini" nap a little while ago coz i was really really tired. it turned into a "BIG" nap.

now i definitely won't be able to sleep tonight :o( :o( :o(

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