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scared of dying.



i don't understand it :P( i always say i want to die but it scares me too. i'm scared that people i know will die. i'm scared coz this time tomorrow someone could be dead :o( bad feeling.


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What about the way people come into your life?

One day, you've never heard of them before; the next, you've met them. Maybe they'll become your best friend, a lifelong companion, the love of your life ...

And yes, one day, they'll leave you, whether by dying or moving to another country ...

Life happens right now, not some day soon ...

All we can do is love 'em while we've got 'em.

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Aw. I'm afraid I don't have that power.

And I probably wouldn't use it, if I did.

Maybe summer has something to teach you, even though you don't like it? Or maybe there's something you have to do, to make things change.

Or you could give me more details, and maybe I'll be able to help you with part of the problem, even if I can't just make it vanish for you.

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Um, you could look forward to the end of summer, even though that's a ways away ...

You could make things to look forward to. For instance, what's your favorite thing to do? Could be anything, like eating an ice cream, or painting, or going for a walk. Or it could be a bunch of different things, for different weeks. Then set it up so you can do, say, one a week. Then you have something to look forward to, for that week.

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But you also seem to want a particular kind of holiday, because somewhere else in Ireland isn't good enough ...

Can you be more specific about the holiday that you want?

It sounds more like you're determined not to look forward to anything. Sure, every time of the year has some negative (otherwise, life would be perfect), but they also have some nice positives, if you let yourself see them.

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