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100th blog entry!



j iwqh wotname woich loga fktwr pe..:P(

that's what's making me sad right now..

i feel kinda osdfi.

too many thoughts in my head and i still have decisions to make and i jjust want it all to go away but it won't.

i wish soomeone could make all the right decisions for me.

then i wouldn't make any mistakes and maybe i'd be happy! i dunno what's happening to me. i feel like i'm getting very dumb..i was never that bright but i'm getting worse! i have the concentration span of a pea. i can't concentrate on anything anymore. i used to read lots when i was younger, now i can't coz i get distracted too easily. i can't watch tv unless i am in a room on my own otherwise i can't concentrate. stuff like that.. maybe all my brain cells have popped. it's really annoying >:o|

i'm really bored :o|

oh and this is my 100th blog entry.


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thanks :o)

is that a hot air balloon???????????

[i really am getting dumb...i can feel it. and my sister has noticed aswel.. i'm just really confused all the time..maybe my brain doesn't get enough exercise...]

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i will beeeeeeeeee gone away for the restttttt of the week!!!!! i'm going on a road trip with my friends tomorrow and the day afterrrrrrrrr and we're campinnng on a beach and theeeeeeen fesssssssssstival on friiiday! but i won't get to see muse coz they're playing on saturday and we just got friday tickets :o( but maybe i'll try sneak in anyway.

i'llll have my phone with me, i justtt won't be able to get on here that's all.

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i'm worried about the road trip tomorrow.. i wish i wasn't but i am. i'm afraid we're going to crash. i don't know the girl that's driving very well and i hope she's a good driver :o( ...

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not me :(|

most of the bands were good but i didn't really enjoy them because i had never heard of a lot of them before. plus i was still sulking over not getting to see muse :)|

jay z was really good though.

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Hi Blossom

Glad you got to the festival. My 17 year old is camping there for 4 days. My 19 year old will be there for 3 days. I'm not looking forward to the muck they will bring home. My daughter was really looking forward to Jay Z, she was hoping that Beyonce would make an appearance as well.

I think my daughter will pop home for a shower tomorrow - we do not live too far away. She really gets into the spirit of it - like swimming in the mud etc. Isn't this rain so horrible. :-(.

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