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A glimpse of contentment



I've have a few short glimpses of contentment, enough to let me know that the seperation from my husband was the right thing to do.

It is bloody hard though becoming single after 20 years as a couple, a disfunctional one at that.

Despite declaring his undying love to me and begging me not to end the marriage my ex-husband is very actively seeking out another partner.

To be in the company of my daughter is as always a tonic, we have so may laughs. She is off travelling for the month of June :rolleyes:. No.1 son has calmed considerably since his dad left. Ro, well he wanted the fairytale of a happy united family, but he wants to live with me, so that is good.

I feel that I am going through a process (the seperation) and have to experience all that goes with it - I know I'm not the first or won't be the last, but as I already said, It's bloody hard!



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Hi Goosey!

How appropriate, seeing you here the day after Demented Bunny Day. :-)

I'm glad to hear that you feel like life is going the right direction, no matter how hard it might be.

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Hey! Mark and Sue. Lovely to hear from you both. Isn't it great that old friends are always there, no matter how long youv'e been away.

I read your blog Mark, seems things are moving on for you now - best of luck with the move.

Sue how are you keeping? I hope life is treating you well.

Take care


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It's coming up to a year in January since my seperation. i am so happy with my decision, a lot of tension has gone from the house. My eldest son has calmed down considerably. He has not been in trouble for over 8 months now.

My ex has asked to come over for Christmas Dinner - not a good idea, but, as he will be on his own I have said yes. I think this will be the shortest Christmas Dinner in history!

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