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i think i might be dying. my head hurts so bad it feels like someone is squeezing my brain :rolleyes:|

i tried to take a nap after work but now i just feel worse and i've taken painkillers and they didn't work. yeah. so if i die thanks everyone for being my friends and i'll miss ye :((


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Oh, Blossom. :) Sounds like a very bad headache. I hope you can lie down in a quiet place and get some rest. If the headache is really bad and nothing seems to be helping, maybe you should phone your doctor. I hope you feel better.

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headache again... :)|

it was kinda gone this morning but now it's getting bad again and i think i'm going CRAzY.

maybe they are migraines.. light does kinda hurt my eyes.. Thanks sedsed!

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awwww i'd love to take guitarrrrrrr lesssssons butttt i have no guitarrrr anymoreee so i cannnn't :)| maybeee someday i'lll buyyyy one!!!!

hey suesueeee!!!! i'm so glaaad you're baaackkkkkkk :)) :()

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