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Today will be a long day.....



coz i'm so sleeeeepy........ and my head is going to explode.................... and my eyes hurt........and i was up all night sick............hmmmmm. i want to go to bed so bad but i have to go to work :rolleyes:|


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i never really sleep well coz i'm backwards..

i like to stay up nearly all night but then i don't get time to sleep the next day coz i usually have to work. last night i really did try to sleep though. i just couldn't..

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Well if you're backwards maybe it would help to turn over: sleep on your stomach for a change!

I hope you get some rest tonight, then. Speaking of which, isn't it? Night, I mean? ;-)

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oh i don't have a cold. i just feel sick and my head and my whole face hurts and i have an ear ache. i have a face-ache!!!

yeah its night... :(| it's 11:20 already so that means i have work in... 9 hours 40 minutes. can't wait.

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get yerself some ear plugs on the way to or from the doctors. Then when you get home, put the ear plugs in, and go to sleep or atleast try and rest :(

YKW can just go and MOO OFF !!! :mad:

your poorly, you need to rest lil big sis :o

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sometimes obsessing over the fact that you are having trouble sleeping makes sleeping even more difficult. I've found the key is to decide that you don't require any sleep to be ok (I mean, you won't die from it or anything) and then just lay down and relax without watching the clock. Next thing you know, you're out!

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It's ... Blossom logic! :-)

Good night, chilluns. Those of you who can sleep, I hope you do, and those of you who can't, I hope it doesn't do you too much harm.

See you all next week.

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