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Change in Habits



Well, the new work assignment is finally going to start happening for me. I start Tuesday September 6th (Monday's a holiday here). It will mean that I most likely will have very little time for the site during the day, unlike my current very boring workplace. The commute may even be long enough to keep me offline most weeknights. I'm sure that if that's the case, I'll be online on weekends more, but we can all see that the result will be a major reduction in my activity, on the site.

It's nothing anyone here has done. Clearly, I've been very lucky to have had the chance to be online so much of my day. Or unlucky; work has been horrendously boring for over a year now.

Anyway, I thought you all should know.


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Good luck in the new job! I hope you'll enjoy it, too! And I hope the job is, and will remain, worth (in your eyes, of course!) the time you'll give to it! :o

And... I'd like to point out that all your texts will remain here so there is a lot that we can recall and re-read in cases you're not 'here' and we want to 'hear your voice'... I know it's not the same, but... I also believe that, if necessary, we can extract/derive/obtain what we need also from what is already here... :o

Thank you for being here so often with us!

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Well, it looks like we made it through, here in D.C.

Are you okay, smallstar?

It looks like New York City is in for a rough ride, though.

{Jai, I'm not abandoning y'all. I'll be around.}

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