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Malign is ...



Back? :-)

I had wanted to say "I am divorced", which is both true and worth celebrating, but I realized that to say it that way is similar to the problem that kept me in the marriage. I keep identifying with only a part of me, as if the rest of me vanishes when I focus on a part. But the fact is, throughout, I am Me, and no one else can be. I can have all kinds of facets, positive and negative, but none of those exists without the whole.

Maybe that doesn't make sense; I admit that I lost the first version and this is a much shorter re-write. But that's okay, really: this tiny bit of writing can't explain me. I'll just have to go on being Me, and hope that people understand that.


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I'm not cute enough to be good at teasing, Z. :-)

But the best I can promise is "trying".

There's an extra energy hump for me to get over before posting, which is basically because I feel a little lost about who I am, here. I know how odd that sounds.

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Aw. :-)

I've always wondered why anybody cared how much energy Gibbs was giving away ...

I have to go do my laundry now (yes, I actually still have to go to a laundromat for that: the dryer still doesn't dry.) But I will try to be on once a day or so, in the evenings ...

Thank you, you and LaLa, and Lana whom I haven't met yet, for helping to take care of things around here.

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Wow!!! :-D

Congrats to your divorce!!! (I might sound strange, but... I think it's appropriate...)

So happy to see you here again!! :-)

When I saw the pictures Pseudome posted (before reading the texts), I supposed that he was trying to illustrate that he's excited by your return to this site!! ;-P (I am, btw...)

Not as original idea as Pseudome's, but... some more photons [well: a source of...] for you:


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Woo Hoo!!! I'm so happy for you Mark. Glad to see you back. Or rather - Glad to welcome the 'NEW YOU'.

I think I'll go have a drink to celebrate. Oh, and BTW, I'll have one for you too:D:D.

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