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Half a Century



Well, as of tomorrow, I will have been on the planet for half a century. I was tempted to wax philosophical ... but who needs a shiny philosophical, after all?

Strangely, I've become much more light-hearted as I get older, and I don't much care why.

So, I'll leave you with a possibly relevant headline from Yahoo! News today:

"Study confirms many of us go online for no reason"

They don't say why they were doing a study for no reason. :-)


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oops thats wrong !!! :eek:

I meant to type 50th

sorry :P

(obviously im crap at math today - erm a centurary = 100, half of that = see its simple - sheeze i still messed it up :o)

Happy 50th Birthday for tomorrow

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I bet your fun to work with big bro, so, yep shes very lucky :)

Hows my new chair-y - we did trade didnt we. One smurf nursey and my lovely blue chair - im sure we swapped, cant remember now though. Well we shoulda done. So yeah, hows my new chair-y?

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You said that if you had a Smurf nursey, you wouldn't trade her for anything! :-)

My current chairy is sorta disappointing: it doesn't adjust very much, so my feet don't reach the floor and the back isn't strong enough to hold me upright (it's possible that I slouch, and I weigh more than I should.) But, she keeps me off the floor ...

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Ohhh, yeah thats true - I forgot about that - finally another adult that i'd be taller than. Yep I would keep her!!! :)

Well if your chair is sorta dissapointing - no harm in trading it for a lovely blue plastic chair !!! You'd definately be able to reach the floor sat down in it.

Think of it as a Happy Birthday present trade :)

See now how can ya resist? :D

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good on yer bro.......... i hope you have a safe flight, and..... have a brilliant weekend :) :)

uh-hu, just be grateful your in america big bro, and thats a long long way away - or i might be planning on borrowing yer birthay cake :):D

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erm, well it was chocolate cake - candles are a aquired taste - but yer get used to the waxxy texture :):D

but yeah, i really must remember to blow out the candles first - they can kinda burn yer mouth!!!

(a lesson learnt once - yet strangely easily forgotten, until it happens again :))

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