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just a quicky



Things are looking up. Being in isolation is doing me good. Its a different world to what I am used to, and I'm loving it. Its probably not everyones cup of tea, but its mine :o

I'm feeling loads better, less distractions around to hinder me. Quality time for me to work at self recovery - obviously the aid of medications and being in a extremely controlled environment. Who'da thought it - I'm getting better.

I would love to see how everyone is doing but I have limited time with internet access - so I'm just hoping that you are all doing as well as you can be, your all in my thoughts

Take care :)


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Happy New Year, Sue!

I'm glad you're feeling better.

I would imagine isolation could go either way, and I'm glad it worked to bring some peace into your days.

Thank a nursey for me, if the urge hits ya. ;-)

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Really glad to hear, Sue. I honestly think that if your situation can improve, than so can most anyone else's. You're truly an inspiration unto me :).

And hey, I guess the less time you need to spend on this site, the better. Am I wrong? I mean, it's a sign that you have better things to do :)

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been a good day today, aint they all :P:)

nah seriously, it feels like im slowly getting my OWN ass kicked into gear :o

what have i achieved today or even this past week - well nothing that can be put down on paper or typed into a computer screen without me feeling/thinking i have sent my self insane and back. But somewhere in amongst the insanity of recent months - it all makes perfect sense. And everything that happened needed to - just for me to 'see' that sense.

wonders now if im just confusing anyone that reads this - HA like I care, it makes sense to me - and that is all that ,matters - so there :P

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My only concern is that some of the times in the past when things made such perfect sense, but you couldn't explain it, we eventually figured out that it made sense to the voices but not so much to anyone else ...

We just worry for you, Sue, that's all.

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find im talking to myself more these days - must be the joys of being alone for such long periods of time, kinda cool in a weird way - coz now instead of listening to the voices im listening to me. Cant stop thinking about wot mum used ta say about 'talking to yourself is the first sign of madness' and it cracks me up. Coz honestly - considering where i am currently, think my sanity went a long LONG time ago. Guess mum was wrong on a lot of things - go figure :P

Ooooh but what if its the last sign of madness :eek: :)

im in a good mood, been allowed my art stuff in my cell, been painting today - obviously it means im checked upon more often - which inevitably means im getting disturbed more - cant have it all i s'pose.

getting my meds reduced starting tomorrow - if all goes well i should be outta here and back out in the real world soon enough - so yep today is a very good day :P

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Yup. Your mom was wrong: replying to yourself is the first sign of madness. I talk to myself all the time. I just don't listen. ;-)

What if it's the first sign of sanity? :-)

I'm glad to hear you're having a good day, sweety.

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bit sad today - things aint working out, and im not sure why, just know in my heart that its too difficult today to even consider making it through till the morning.

its pathetic, its too much, and yet again im going down 'that' path, cant help but travel along it a little further.... some times i could really curse my ingenious planning skills - i mean they are kinda quite brilliant in a really bad way.

stay strong, stay honest wiv staff, stay possitive 'bout the tommoroze - yeah not today. negativity and sneakiness has got its hold.

saying that though - realistickly im perfectly safe, im in one of the most secure hospitals ive ever been in - so what could possibly happen :)

guess i'll be see'ing ya all at some point another - coz the moon always leaves when the sun arrives - no matter what happens.

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