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life - yeah fantastic!




get better

go home

= not a hope in hell - and I should know, thats where I am!

would like to say hell has its peaceful moments - but yeah im shit outta luck on that score.

my happy hellish life - yep, pass me the drugs zonk me out, and if i wake then, why not just inject the heck outta me - its gonna happen anyways - just GO FOR IT. im seriously beyond caring or gaf, huh - go figure idgaf at all.

feel like a guinea pig or rat in one of them labs.

aint life bloody fantastic


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its hard here, real hard. im amess, bruised from all the injections. the meds dont work. so now am resorting to taking shit that i know i shouldnt just so i can pass out. and not register stuff. i can only handle so much of reality time in here, gotta say i just want out. jf, sheeze i could wright a novel on the shit he comes out with, i reckon he should be a inpatient not a member of staff and certainly not my main nurse. ive had to get intouch with my old solister to see if she can get meout of here or atleast transfered. shit id rather be a kid again with the life i had back then.

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Hey super hero gertie - WOW :rolleyes: she looks so cool! :o

i dont know how many days ive got in here left - i signed paper work the other day - dont even know what it was for, it coulda been section papers for all i know.

not sure how long im gonna be online for sis, as im really fading fast this afternoon. so take care hun, and thanks so much for super hero gertie - i think she is brill - its kinda made my week :)

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thanks everyone :)

nothing worth writing about - SSDD. still in here - the world and all its oysters still out there.

things are real hersh, and im stuck. looking for a way out and its hiding better than i ever could. dont know when i will be on line again as im not with it enough these days, but i hope with all my heart that you are all okay and doing the best that you can be.

take care :)

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Sue, you are stronger than you are giving yourself credit for, my dear. Things will look up, and always know that you have a large group of friends who care for you greatly. I'm still saying a special prayer for you. Hang in there, hon.

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