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I'm like a punctured hot air balloon....I think!!!!!



My mood keeps going up^ and down, up and down, up and down............. I wish it would make it's mind up whether to stay happy or sad...!! because it's kinda exhausting feeling both.....:confused:


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Oh Blossom, you don't want a life of depending on drink for changing your mood, sweetie. That leads to so much difficulty.

And you don't have to navigate your life by your mood, either. That will certainly wear you out, and make you feel like a yo-yo. There are many more places to go in your brain than that, and they will lead to awesome things!!!

Exercise, meditation, stable relationships, learning how to do something are the things to aim for, even if they seem very far away. Set the timer and try something for 3 minutes. Then the next day for 3.5 minutes..... You are forging a path in your cerebral forest (your brain) that you get to keep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing treasures await you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You mean that's all that makes you REALLLLLLLY happy, enough to drown out the stuff that makes you sad. That's why people drink. I don't believe that's the only thing that makes you happy. And I know there are other ways to deal with what is making you sad. People all over this site are engaged in that very struggle, sorting that stuff out. You just writing here and being here with us is you working on sorting that stuff out too;)

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No, that isn't how it works. The part of you that is so sad is so alone. You've been turning away from her. You probably learned that from your family. All she needs is for you to not turn away. Don't leave her alone. If you leave her, she will stay like that for the rest of your life!!!!

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I so understand!!!! First you need to want to. Then you need to work on feeling safe even though you are approaching those sad feelings. You are safe, because this is you, and you are as brave as a big dog and you do not want to turn away and abandon you!!!! ............you could draw her..............

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Breathe in, counting to 4. Breathe out, counting to 4. Observe while you are doing this. Repeat this until you can observe something in how your body is feeling, what the sensations are, and that they change. It won't take long at all.

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You could breathe in counting 4, breathe out counting 4, just like you were doing, and then say to yourself that you want to welcome your sad self, you just want to say hi, maybe even that you are sorry for turning away from her.....If you feel confused, or that you can't feel anything, that is OK, just do the breathing in breathing out counting to 4, until you can feel that. Then try one more time, keeping that observer that is aware of how you feel in your body.

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