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How about trying one of 'finding's

"I feel___ when___ because___. I want____."

sentences? Remember, the idea is to separate thoughts and feelings, so that you can deal with them separately.

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You put yourself in the blanks, the same way you put yourself in your drawings. :-)

Well, can you remember the last time you weren't angry? Then you could gradually remember until you were angry, and maybe that would help you sneak up on it.

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Yeah, those things suck.

But I guess it beats being whacked or stepped on, which were the other techniques discussed. But all you really have to do is not to get caught in other people's houses.

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You don't have to apologize. I was just teasing you.

Not every tool works for everyone, sweety. We can try something else.

I just wanted you to know that it's okay to be sad, or angry. I'm just experiencing them with you.

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