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i can't do anything when i feel like this. it's like i'm frozen up. it happens to me all the time now especially when i'm trying to do art and then i end up doing nothing because the feeling won't let me. this is stupid. it scares me because i really really really need to get my work done but i just can't do it. i am so screwed. this feeling is scary. i'm back to college monday. i am doomed.

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hey blossom, actually i've had a pretty good day, only one fight with my mom and she forgave me pretty quick and now my little brother is helping me clean my room, it's pretty bad, but I'm getting some new furniture so he's helping me clean and rearrange. I'm doing ok, don't want to jinx it though. What did you do today?

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yeah well I'm sorry you're having a bad day :) maybe you're thinking too hard on your art? I don't really know anything about art except what I've read in your conversations with others but it seems that your left brain gets in the way? I dunno what i'm talking about just thinking maybe if you could think a little less and just do it it would be easier? Sorry you're so blocked. maybe it's cause school is starting again so you feel pressured and it's getting in your way?

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hmmm well i'm going back to college soon.. i can't say i'm looking forward to it but i'll try be positive. i just hate this feeling. i feel so unsettled. and i'm scared because i only have like 2 weeks before all my art is due up and i have so much catch up to do. i really need to pull myself together. last night was horrible. everytime i try do art it's like i shut down or something and i end up doing nothing because the bad feeling stops me.

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i can't get to any other part of my brain because my brain is really small...:)

just got back to my other home now. it is soooooo cold. even colder than at home... our heaters are not working and the security guard person isn't able to fix them.

it is kinda horrible to be back here. 2 of my other housemates are back aswel. they're in the kitchen with some of their friends that came down with them. it is really awkward.

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hey starry and marky it is so so so so cold. i can't even explain how cold it is!!! all our heaters are broke and the man tried to fix them but they wouldn't fix:(

that's a nice poem marky..!!!!

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