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i'm as sick as a dawggg:(



i went into college to try get more painting done but i barely got anything done because i felt dizzy and headachy and fluey:( this sucks. i wanted to do well this week because painting is all i want to do:( now i won't have enough work to hand up and i'll be the worst in the class as usual. i really do feel horribly sick though. i even tried going to the college dr but he wasn't there. hmmmm.


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hey star-star, thanks:o

i feel like crap:( i don't understand why it keeps coming back.

i may as well just drop out of college right now. this is the week i've been waiting for and looking forward to, it's the only reason i didn't drop out yet:( and now its all screwed up.

did you go to work today?

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aw blossom, i'm sorry, that really sucks :) maybe since you're sick they'll give you an extension? No I didn't go to work today, yesterday and today I called (texted) out. The first time in my life, I'm nervous about it but I really didn't want to go, I don't want to go to work anymore.

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you need a holiday star-star.

the reason i went to the dr was so that he would write me a note to give to my tutor saying i'm sick but he wasn't there. i don't think i'd be able to get an extension because each class only gets a week to try it. it sucks.

i'm gonna go lie down for a while, not feeling so good.

see you later starry

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You've never been "worst in your class", that's just something you're telling yourself!

But I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Do they have chicken soup in Ireland? :-) At least drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids, it'll help your body to fight it.

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i really am worst in my class.

CHICKEN SOUP?????????? MARK-K-K-K-KY THIS IS A VEGETARIAN YOU ARE TALKING TO......:eek:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am drinking lots and lots of water though.

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i went to the dr. she is a horrible horrible woman:(

i hate drs. they are so rude and think they know everything.

she didn't even tell me what was wrong with me she just prescribed me special medicine to take. then i went back to college and told my painting tutor i'm sick and she said to go home. so now i'm home and i think i'll go to bed. i didn't go to therapy.i went to the therapy ladies office this morning and told her i was sick and she was real nice and she made a drs appointment for me. too bad the dr was an asshole.

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What exactly happened, Blossomy?

I mean, a lot of doctors are cold and think they know everything; that doesn't make them "horrible", it makes them doctors.

Did you ask her what you had? She might have thought you didn't care.

You can look up the medicine she gave you on Google; that might tell you something about what you have. I'll gladly interpret into English, if you need me to. :-)

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