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is blossom - doggy really bad...?



blossom - doggy didn't go to college today but she has a good reason this time..

she was in sooooooo much pain all night that she couldn't sleep...

she even had to go sniffing for painkillers at 6 in the morning... fortunately she found 2.

blossom - doggy didn't get to sleep til about 7 and then her alarm went off at 8! she just couldn't get up... she was sooooooo sleepy....

poor doggy :o(

now the painkillers are starting to wear off and she has none left :o( blossom - dogggy says "WOOF woof WOOOOOOOOF" which translates as "DAMMIT i'm SCREWED" ..

poor doggy is panicking..

[she also thinks this is the strangest blog entry she has ever written... but she blames it on the painkillers..]

woof... :o(


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it's ok, blossom - doggy is ok now. she is afraid of vets anyway...they are just as bad as doctors!

but yeah, she waaaaaaaaas feeling very ruff!

she had therapy today. therapy lady REALLY pissed blossom - doggy off.............

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hey starry. she just did. she stared at blossom - doggy A LOT and then when she did talk she made everything out to be blossom -doggy's fault and poor poor blossom- doggy felt real bad... :((

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