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I'm glad you asked ... {Okay, I tried to get you to ask.}

There's an old Chinese story, about an very old Zen master out walking with one of his students. They encounter a girl standing beside a stream, unwilling to get wet by crossing it. The old master picks her up, and wades across the stream with her dry on his back. The student follows. On the far side, he puts her down and continues his journey.

The student says, "But master, I've been wondering for hours: how did you find the strength to carry that girl across the stream?"

The master replies: "What, that little girl? I put her down on the other side. Why are you still carrying her?"

The point is, it happened. Someone was a stupid asshole to you. But that ended a long time ago, now. You're allowed to stop carrying that feeling; it's only hurting you, still.

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Well I happen to love ginger hair, my bro Robin has ginger hair, although its balding on him now :) (hes getting reallllyyyy old :D) My hair is blonde, and boring

I say the asshole that said that to you was just jealous :)

try take no notice of him hun, hes just ignorant. sorry he hurt your feelings :(

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