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You know, I just go about my daily life and I don't even realize how intense my feelings and emotions are when it comes to the subject of addiction and relapse, shame and failure. Like the guy said, sure we know that relapse is part of the disease, but it still feels like you are a failure and for me the shame is so intense and that is why in hide it as long as possible, until something beyond my control gets me "caught" . I wish I had no personal experience with this subject. It is very painful and the treatment is so , I don't even know the word, but it just doesn't work. For me it seems like I can only stay clean when I'm in an inpatient program. Not only do I stay clean but I'm so okay with it. As soon as I'm on my own , back home, I use so quickly. It's scary, I have no idea if I'll ever be okay. I definitely ruined my life. Anyway, I'm going to go back to not thinking about it, so much easier that way. Sorry, I just listened to that and a couple of others and I relate so much but there's never any answers.

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I'm sorry you are going through this too. :(

Maybe if people continue to share as openly and as honestly as you have here, Star, there can be greater understanding of and knowledge about addiction. Hopefully in time we can learn more effective ways to help and improve care.

What is it about the inpatient program, do you think, that helps you to stay clean?

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21 hours ago, Resolute said:

It's good to look at addiction this way, but it's a bit oversimplified: Mainly, the role of genetics shouldn't have been omitted. Some people get addicted even after some short time in a hospital - they may have "very good lives" and still cannot get rid of the addiction, because they're genetically predisposed this way. The problem with this video / book is that it considers giving morphium to patients normal and OK, while it's been already discovered that it's too dangerous, because a non-negligible % of them turns into addicts and struggles terribly for a long time.

But anyway. thanks for the post. The video brings very important ideas.

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