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Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you well :) I'm super happy to have finally joined this forum and I can't wait for to give/receive support and have great conversations!


My name is Bri and I'm a 22 year old female. I have been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety. I do not take any medications and do not wish to (I was prescribed 10 mg of Lexapro and after 2 doses I basically lost my mind). I hope to heal and recover naturally, even though it'll be a tougher road I have a great support system and a strong desire to get better!

More recently I have been struggling with bouts of feeling unreal and like I'm dreaming, about to wake up. I feel very detached and I am truly terrified. I have just come down from an intense 2 month period of an extreme obsession, and a week after I finally recovered from that I got scared that I had no anxiety at all so I had a moment of derealization, which naturally my purely obsessional OCD latched onto because it latches on any fear I may have when I am weak, and for the last 3 days I have been obsessing over depersonalization and derealization (not sure even if I even have them or if my OCD is making myself believe I have them)

Overall, I meet weekly with a counselor and I plan to begin CBT soon with an OCD specialist and hope to conquer my latest suffering. I am also looking into a new diet to specifically help my brain function better and begin working out to help my anxiety as well. Also, I'm attempting to gain a normal sleep schedule and to possibly look into yoga/meditation along with some amazing self help books I lean on.

Any feedback or anything you want to say, please feel free to share! I can't wait to chat with you all :)




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Hi Bri. I have heard good things about CBT but have never done it myself.  You are a young person & I would invite you to gently challenge yourself w regard to the anxiety issue.  For example if being in a crowd gives you anxiety or talking to strangers or whatever, try doing those things in a limited and controlled manner where you can bail if need be. Just keep doing it over and over because practice makes perfect.  Good luck. ? 

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Welcome, Bri. It sounds as if you are coping with a whole lot, but you also seem to have a positive outlook, which is wonderful. 

When you feel yourself spinning with an obsessive worry, try not to allow the thoughts to adhere, if at all possible. Have you tried deep breathing and/or relaxation techniques? Yoga is a great place to start. I hope too that you find CBT helpful. My daughter was recently diagnosed with OCD. I understand that making these changes and learning new skills can be extremely challenging. :( I wish you healing. We are here to support you along the way.

Take care.

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Hiya Bri, welcome. I don't know much about OCD, but I have had CBT for depression and found it had a logic and a practicality to it which helped. Hope it does for you too. Also think you are right to address any sleep and diet issues, what sort of diet will you be trying? Best of luck with it.

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