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Can Depression Itself be a Terminal Illness?


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I have been depressed since 19 and am in my mid 50's.  I made another post about how I was diagnosed with cancer recently.  Before my cancer diagnosis I was miserable each day just going through the motions of life and after the cancer diagnosis I am thinking that the only cure of this depression is death.  Period.  End of story.  It's so frustrating when those on the outside buy into public service announcements that suggest depression is easily treated.  I've been to more therapists than I can count and have tried more meds than I can count with zero relief of my symptoms.  Why can't anyone come forward and say what no one wants to say?  There are some of us that can't be successfully treated and eventually we just get too tired to fight the fight.   I will not be seeking treatment for my cancer.  I just need to find the best exit strategy possible.  I look forward to eternal rest.

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I'm sorry that you are ill and feel a loss of hope, Timmy. I hear that you are tired. Depression can exhaust a person's resources. And cancer... :( I hope that you have loving support at home. I hope too that you are able to find some light. Peace and care to you. :sad_huggy:

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