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Peaceful New Year Wishes


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  • 1 year later...

Thank you for thinking of me.

My father died in September after a rough few weeks in the hospital. That was a difficult time.

We are hoping to move to a new place soon that has more land so we can have some rescue animals. We already bought the land and now have been working on our house to get it ready to sell. It needs lots of work! The hope is that this move (if and when it happens) will be helpful to our girls, who both struggle with depression and anxiety. I have been working a lot and life has been very busy; time seems to fly by these days.

I hope you are as well as you can be.

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I’m so sorry, I remember you shared a photograph of him in your blog and he looked like a very kind, decent man. I’m sorry if I caused any problems in here around that time that added to your stress. I can’t remember but if I did I apologize.

That’s wonderful about getting a new place. If I was close I’d help you fix up your house, I like doing that type of work. I go through an internal dialogue almost on a daily basis of reasons to quit or stay at my job. The only reason I stay is to buy my own house for the same reasons you mention. I work to escape work. Seems like a broken formula written out. 

Well I wish you success on everything and hope everyone in your family is ok.


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Yes, my dad was a gentle soul. Thank you.

I hear you about work. It can be a grind and a challenge. I try to stay positive and hopeful because that seems to help me, but I recognize that others may feel differently.

Klingsor, Pax, Klingcorn, Klingpeach, you're part of our online family here in the community. I hope you find peace and healing in your heart.

Thank you for the well wishes. Best wishes to you as well.

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