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Hi I have a few mental illnesses and am working on talking to people about them in order to recover but am hoping to find a pen pal who I can email back and forth with. Sometimes I just find the need to talk to someone who doesn't know me and who I don't know either just to share things going on. I've never been the best at replying but I will try my hardest and I hope that you can also find comfort in sharing with me if you'd like to as well. Although sometimes I can say things that may not seem like i want to recover that is what I want to do so I'm hoping to find someone who would like the same, Thank you!

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Hi, zojie, welcome!

I like having pen pals and I've got quite many 'on-line-only friends' the last couple of years. So I totally get it why you're looking for one :) . And I also think I could share something about my experiences of making new friends on-line. My e-mails communications developed from communications on this forum. Interacting with others helps you and them to "find out" that "this particular person is someone I would really like to be in more e-mail contact with". It's easier to start more personal communication when you already know each other enough - not necessarily mainly from your own on-line conversations, but also from the posts you both write to others on the forum. Based on this, I would suggest not to give up if anyone doesn't offer you this kind of friendship "right away", as well as to become an active member of this forum for some time and "be more picky ;) ". (If you don't like public posts, you can start a blog here and restrict 'the readership'.) It's also possible you've known all this already, yet you prefer it that way - to befriend someone just on the basis of his/her willingness to do so based on your single post here. That's, for sure, also a legit approach. In any case, I wish you good luck! :) 

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@zojie - I want to echo Lala's sentiments and encourage you to post here and interact and see what comes of it.  

I don't have a computer, just this phone so there is a limit to how much I can type and also w my job and living alone my life is busy but not always in a good way.  

Also I would like to make friends in the analog world (aka the non-conceptual world) as I spend too much time on-line as it is.  

Tell us more about your mental illness, what it means to you and how it affects your life.  

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Welcome, zojie. :)

I have had some success forming friendships online as well. I think it works well for me because it is slower paced and I generally communicate better through the written word. I think it has also helped me "practice" in some ways and this has benefitted me in my offline friendships as well. 

We're happy you joined us here in our community and I hope sharing with others helps. I look forward to learning more about you.

Take care.

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