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Hi new there [TRIGGER WARNING: sexual abuse]


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Need to talk. I am a sex offender tho I have not actually touched any minors I have done something ( shared photos ) and now feeling bit unsure of my self.

I have signed the register. And not sure what will happen next. Still waiting crown court date. ?


Hope its okay to put this here 

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Hello, Daveuk, welcome! :)

I moved your post to another forum and added the warning to give the people who'd prefer to avoid this topic the possibility to do so. I know the term "sexual abuse" is not the best to express the topic, but I hope it could "keep away" the victims of an abuse who could struggle with reading this.

You said you're "feeling bit unsure of yourself". What exactly do you mean? And how do you perceive what you've done, now?

I think it's always a very good idea to "talk", so I hope you'll find here a place to share your thoughts and feelings and to gain new insights.

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I got a lawyer from the public defenders services. I have already signed the register and been told my account will monitored am just now waiting to go to crown court for sentencing 


My lawyer did say in magistrates that I had severe learning disability what ever that means ? 

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I have just have some unanswered Questions I don't know the answers to.

Maybe someone can answer them ?

Q1. Now am.on the register will it mean I will no longer be allowed in town. This is where I go to my local drop in centre and my bank for my money ?

Q2. If it should go in the papers should I be what's the word uneasy about leaving my flat ?

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