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Is my friend OK?


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My friend will often start making jokes that nobody thinks are funny, laugh at his own jokes, go on and make more even if it's obvious others are uncomfortable. Around the time he does this, he'll start saying things like "I played the Dank Memer Discord bot, I used gamble commands and I don't know why my currencies are gone". Nobody can tell if he's joking. We'll ask him why he's acting like this and he'll just say "uhhhh uhhh uh" then say some useless garbage like "a meme, yeah, yeah I'm making a meme XD".  I told him I was writing this post because it keeps happening and he said "NO, DONT. THEY WILL KNOW MY EMAIL, NAME, IP ADDRESS, EVERYTHING". He doesn't explain how that's going to happen,  but he's certain. He just insists everyone on some forum is going to know everything about him. He says everyone on some forum can track him down. He insists and complains. Doesn't say how anyone could track him.

I'm seriously worried for his mental health, does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

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I work in behavioral Health in a non-clinical capacity. The key is someone’s baseline. If your friend is always this way then that’s just his personality. It’s when someone displays a sharp deviation from the norm a.k.a. baseline then that could be a symptom of an underlying problem. It’s not an easy determination to make. Even highly paid professionals fail at it, in fact quite often. At least that’s my view.

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On 9/1/2020 at 1:19 PM, Klingsor said:

Then there must be billions of schizophrenics on the loose.

I talk to myself aloud quite frequently. I find it helps me to stay focused and on task. I have found it difficult to stop.🤷‍♀️

DCK, welcome to the community. Does your friend have difficulty functioning? Does he seem interested in getting help for himself?

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I do think that it could be a mental health issue. There are traces of depression. We never know it can be repressed emotion. You must be kind to your friends and forward him some useful articles generally without making him feel that he needs some remedy.

It is a problem that is common now see how: http://bit.ly/guide-towards-depression-recovery

It can be due to drug usage that you are not aware of

It can also be due to sleep deprivation

Or by some repressed traumatic memory that the friend himself is not aware of

Case of abuse or even this behavior is deep rooted with DNA

Emotional intelligence is something that comes really handy when referring to such instances.  Just make sure that you do your own homework too before sharing with a friend the required solutions.

Also, assess personality type too. This is something that we can really not change. Some people are naturally on the higher scale of neuroticism. 


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