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Someone Needs to UPDATE the Security Certificate!


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On 1/8/2021 at 6:38 PM, IrmaJean said:

Hello, uptight outasight. I hope we can get this done soon. It does look like there is an update available. I will try to contact Mark malign, who is much more tech savvy than I am. 

The site will be totally destroyed unless this is addressed soon.  No one has logged in for days and days except you and I!

I know nothing about ownership of the site.

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Your diagnosis was correct, @uptight outasight.  Our host upgraded their infrastructure a month or two ago to require a proper SSL certificate, without really notifying us of the change.  I contacted them, finally, yesterday, and they installed the required certificate.  If I had known it was that easy, I'dve done it some time ago.

As for "ownership" of the site, Beth and I are administrators, and I pay the fees every month.  I don't allow advertising on here, and I keep a low profile as "owner" even when I'm here more often.  Given the low attendance overall, there have been times when I have considered changing things, but (though tempted) I didn't want the site to fail through my lack of action.

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