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Living a life without hope


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Is it possible to live a life without hope? That is what my life is, when I look to the future all I see in nothingness.

I will continue to play the game of life and living - I have no choice - if I was nobodys wife, nobodys mother, nobodys daughter and nobodys sister I could chose another path.


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Hi goose,

It is possible to continue life when it feels like there is no hope. looking ahead and feeling only nothingness.

Kinda feel like that a lot myself, yet I continue along on this journey, one breath at a time. theres always hope hun, for aslong as you can breathe. things may not be how you would like, and maybe the nearest of days will feel just as empty, hope fades from sight, but it is still there, invisable from your eyes right now. but for everyone hope does exist no matter how small.

I dont make sense hun, sorry. but there has to be hope right ?

As you continue "playing your game of life" maybe the hope and some enthusiasm towards life will return.

I have no words of really wonderful cool advice hun, just wanted to say that well for what its worth I understand and can relate.

Please take good care of you


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I hate to think of anyone losing hope.

Is there something you like to do which brings you pleasure? Music? Writing? Exercise? Sometimes doing these types of things helps to bring some light in.

Are you in a difficult place now in therapy? Is your relationship with your therapist strong? Are you able to contact him/her about how you've been feeling?

I'm sorry that you are feeling so down. Has your family been supportive to you in this?

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I know no one can fix my problems - including my own feeling of worthlessness.

This is down to me to improve the quality of my life - yes I will try to do more things that bring me pleasure, this is what my therapist has advised.

I did ring the pdoc clinic for an earlier appointment - maybe a look at the meds might help - they will see me in 10 days time.

I am really struggling at the moment, I am glad I have you all to talk to at these difficult times.



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Guest GingerSnap

Goose: I can't really offer any advice. No one is hopeless, no life hopeless until one just gives up or at least that is my opinion. There are so many good things in life. I am sorry that you are having this struggle and hope that it turns around for you. Sounds like a good idea to have moved up your appointment. My best wishes for you.:rolleyes:

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I think that this might be due to part of depression that is bringing you down . I often do not realise how far down I become with my major depressive symtoms , and than I go back to the Psych. Doc . Last time he doubled my antidepressant dose. Also , your Dr. could add a mood stablizier med to help too. Just a suggestion.

I am very sorry your feeling like thais, it is a terrible felling to have to go through. Hope , it is there though, even if it is hiding somewhere. It is never gone forever.

Sometimes we need to look outside ourselves to find it, and then grab a hold tightly to HOPE. IF we cannot do it for ourselves we need to do it for our children and family. Loved ones are the biggest ones to grab onto to hope . TO be stong for them when we can not do it for ourselves .

This might seem dumb, however, I even have been givin hope though my little , sweet dogs. Yep , I absolutely love my precious little dogs. I call them my girls. A yorkie, and a Shih tzu. They are my best friends at times.

So that is my hope , and my son, he is a handful. Disabled , autistic , and not much support for me! however he is my son, I have raised 16 yrs on my own from day one. This is the most proudest thing I am about myself.

HOPE can be fleeting . Grab a hold of it , anyway you can , it is there , somewhere, it never leaves , it hides , just beyond our reach at times .

I hope your DR . can help you with your meds so you can feel better , and see the HOPE again .


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Thanks Mscat for that, yes I have to find something or someone to hold on for. I am so scared at the moment of the way I feel. It dosn't help that when I rang the clinic the doctor there was reluctant to give me a sooner appointment.

Ginger, from your previous posts I see that religion is a strength for you, I really do envy people who have a faith, it can bring great consolation. I was brought up in a religious family and spent a lot of time doing voluntary work with the church, but I do not have a faith as such, my thinking is too logical and scientific based.

Any how I have just returned from a long walk in the lashing rain and feel the better for it.

Thanks again everyone.


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You know, goosey, I wonder if it's just that you're defining 'hope' too rigorously. Sure, you don't wake up every morning filled with the glorious certainty of the wonders of the coming new day ...

But you do wake up. You get up, you take care of your loved ones, and at least to some extent, yourself. You make the effort to go to therapy; you worry about your son; you come and talk to us here. A person who was truly without hope probably would not do any of these things.

Perhaps, you could turn it around, if you no longer know what hope feels like:

Hope is what's getting you through the days now. That's the thing you need to nurture and feed, until it once again resembles the thing you think hope is.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Goose,

Silly me, I just posted a message to you in the other forum, asking how you are, without checking this forum where I would have found you. Oh well.

Anyway, wow, I am so very pleased that you found the "resilience essay helpful.

How are things with your son?

Always hold on to hope. All of us, including me, have been through crises, and with children. We are here for you.


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I feel almost fearful to respond as I'm only new and don't know you like others here. However I can relate to a lack of hope. I know I feel like I have no hope of ever getting well, so therefore I feel there's no hope.

I've since realised that getting well is a massive thing that I want to see realised for myself, but it doesn't need to go hand in hand with hope or no hope when I see no chance for it. I do know that certain things can improve even if I never get entirely as well as I'd like, so I got my hope back. When my therapist congratulated me for what I had been achieving hope landed right back on my lap. Which allowed me enough distance to process that feeling the worst and having no hope didn't have to go hand in hand, which naturally I always assumed they did. And not having them go hand in hand helps me not stay in elongated periods of feeling the worst. I'm ever so grateful for the day that clicked inside my head.

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gosh, i thought i was the only one, in my search for a purpose to live. i study the chemistry of the brain and seratonin etc, i always thought it was just me, but it sure is chemistry. if you had a cut you could see youd put a plaster on it. Attack this mental illness, for me i had to get rid of my addictions, take medication, ask god to intervene in my life, reprogramme, brainwash myself by listening to wayne dyer, and a host of other inspirational people. lo and behold...........it works sometimes. ask god to change the chemistry in your brain. laugh if you like.

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