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Happy Thanksgiving

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Guest GingerSnap

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US. I hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe holiday. We will be staying at home and my husband is going to grill the turkey (we have this special grill) and he got special spices to do this. I need to make today: the pies: pumpkin and also shoofly and the deviled eggs. I am hoping, really hoping to be able to get my older son in Afghanistan on Yahoo Messenger tomorrow - I told him "Hope you have turkey there. In other words, hope you won't be the only turkey at dinner!":D He is 32 years old and left home at 18 but he will always be my "Sweet Pea.":rolleyes: So, everyone enjoy and stay away from the Black Friday stampedes (I think they should be illegal, I don't know what is wrong with people who would trample someone to death to get something like an Elmo doll.:) )

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Fixing my punctuation error, well the one I caught anyway.
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I can only think of my 24 year old your son as I read your piece. I've not seen him but once in a year... and while we're very close, I do end up crying all the time b/c I miss him.

I remember when folks were going after John Kerry during his bid for the Whitehouse and he was accused of all sorts of things, with the end product being that "he's no hero!" My thought was: he went, he fought, he put his life on the line--- that alone makes him a hero. These are the remaining heroes in my eyes. My sombrero goes off to him, and to you, his mother, for having the courage to support him.

As an aside, our holidays were not your classic turkey with stuffing... we had bollilos, camote (yam sweetened by the beans of the mesquite bush), caprirotada (sweetened bread), mole poblano de guajolote (Turkey or chicken in a brown chili and Mexican chocolate sauce), champurrada (a thick drink made of milk, corn meal and sweet flavorings), chipotle black bean soup or tortilla soup------ well... not exactly your traditional American meal.

Have a happy Thanksgiving,


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Jetliner wrote>> I'm personally thankful for the pain and emotional turmoil that I've experienced over the past year and beyond.

John, this sentence struck me as very powerful. I strongly believe that we need to protect, to preserve, and to safeguard our pains and symptoms! I recently suggested to a friend here that these are the most absolutely raw material from where we all can craft our very essence! These experiences are for me, the very lifeblood of my soul in it's journey not towards perfection, but towards refinement. I much prefer working with this material, which has in many respects made me who I am, than to have led a different life. I don't wallow in my pain or what limitations it brings me, but instead use these experiences to craft who I am, one who has profoundly wanted to love and take care of himself as he should, but has not always been able to.

Thanks so much for your insight and also for the many times you've been there for others on this forum.

David O

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Oh God... another Trekkie:eek:??? We're a dying breed!

John, I'm not sure you've read this tale, but it's one that has always made deep sense to me.

There’s an ancient Hasidic tale wherein pilgrims vied for the position of “who here has suffered the most?” and, “who is most entitled to complain?” The Zaddick told them the story of the Sorrow Tree where on the Day of Judgment, each person will be allowed to hang one's complaints, pains, unhappiness and sufferings on a branch of the great Tree of Sorrows. After everyone has found a limb from which to hang their miseries, each person is allowed to slowly walk around the tree, searching for a set of sufferings and pains that he or she would prefer to those he or she has hung on the tree. In the end, each one freely chooses to reclaim his or her own assortment of sorrows rather than those of another. Each person leaves the Tree of Sorrows wiser that when he or she arrived.

“Take what you want,” says God, “and pay for it!”

And so in paying for it, we build huge scaffoldings to support our pains and fears and to anchor our feelings of worthlessness. These fears and pains do battle not only inside, but also with the world. They also build bank accounts and big mansions, conquer worlds, marry and raise families, and own businesses and run organizations.


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