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Hi Sue,

I have been thinking about you these past few days and wondering how things are going for you. It seems like you are struggling to find direction and hope .

Sue, Are you getting the support from your Dr, or therapist? Is there anybody that you can lean on? Somebody that you can talk to about how you are feeling to help you get through these rough times? Not just here in our community , but someone near you physically that you can turn to?

I know I have been deeply concerned about you. I know that change can often bring on a sense of, What now? where do I go from here ?

You are a very stong person Sue, I know you will be able to pull yourself out of this, however, I do believe you need support.

Is it depression , lonliness, that you are fighting? can you tell us more what you are feeling and what is happening in your world?

PM me anytime , ok? Hang in there , and remember people care and are very concerned about you. you are not alone .


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Try doing just one thing at a time. You don't have too fix everything today, just take one thing at a time.... and be hopeful, whether you believe it or not, change your inner language to something hopeful, something someone who loves you would say.... Then focus on that, for today....

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first of all i want to say thankyou. - its posts like this that make me feel like im not alone. and people like you jessica that have made me seriously consider going to a doctors.

keep strong, when your this low its all you can do. its great you have a site like this you can turn too, its better than nothing. hold yourself tight and say its fine, its okay. your a strong person! you have shown that. dont let your bad feelings win this battle, i will be thinking of you.



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