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Maybe because the mind requires an image to put a name to?

I mean, there's this person out there that you now have a relationship to, and a name. In real life, that doesn't happen without a face first, so maybe the mind just goes about building one.

The interesting thing, to me, is that this probably goes on even when you can see a face. After all, this is probably the way in which a person who treats you nicely, whom you come to love, begins to appear more attractive than they might have been, on first meeting. We build a face to match how we feel about the person.

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It was a thought-provoking question.

I'm intensely verbal (does it show?), so I'm actually hindered fairly often by the preconceived pictures my verbal left-brain calls up in response to words or ideas. I have to make an effort to listen with the more intuitive half of my brain, also, or I get myself into trouble with prejudgments.

I like your picture, Beth. I plan to become visible, myself, when my divorce is final.

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Cool. :P I'll be looking forward to that. Maybe I'll be closer with my imaginary you than I was with John. (Sorry John. You were blonde in my mind for some reason. :eek: I really like your picture, though. Reality is always much better. :))

I've been in the shell so long that I have just really wanted to come out and be seen. So I thought why not on here as well?

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is that you in your avater ? if so, to me you look like a very normal, kind person :P

I am way too shy to place my pic. in my avater. Especially after the things I've personally written . I like leaving it to the imangination , as to what others look like. Makes things more interesting, in a good way.

It would be a little frightning to think of what others may believe what I look like , LOL . Oh well , hope it is not too ugly :)

No bunny ears, Mark ? HUmmm , I always thought you were a highly intelligent wrabbit , hopping around , in a grassy field , and sometimes sneaking into gardens stealing carrots , then going back to your specialized bunny computor , that only you have access to. :)

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All I know is that I look like Adonis, the Greek God, sound like Ricardo Montalban and have the physique of Michelangelo's David!:eek:



Naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... I'm thin up top, look nothing like The Greek god Adonis, don't have the body of Michelangelo's David and sound nothing like my fellow counryman from Mexico, Ricardo.:(

But... I do bathe daily and brush my teeth, have all appendages attached, have >2 firing nerve cells, have a pulse and am breathing. Does this count????

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Well, there's a reason Michelangelo didn't do a 'Mark' ... ;-)

For one thing, I'm a little too furry to look good in marble.

Now I'm picturing what material he could have sculpted me in, instead. You don't get many hairy types of stone.

It's funny, David, that you didn't mention the stuff that really counts:

You're a nice guy who cares about other people. That's visible without a picture of you.

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I look like someone people have met before - been told loads of times that people think they have met me before, but they haven't. I think I am just like a generic middle aged irish woman (including freckles).

Have been told that I sound like I come from the countyside - I don't, I'm city born and bred - 6th generation on my Dad's side from this city. I think I have a soft non-descript accent.

People think I am a nurse, why? I don't know!

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LOL, I do not think i look like anyhting I write aboiut thingsand advice gien here to others.

me , I am a big lady , wiht many , many burn scars , and tattoos . I have a eyebrow piercing on the left brow . :rolleyes: I thin I am good at hiding here on what I look lke for real . Because I can truely express my true feelings by writing .Normally , I keep myslef to myself . A quiet person , who does not get into gossip in oru tiny town that I live in , where everybody knows everyone. Interesting town when people love to talk about others , and actually knows when you go potty .... down the street , ha ha , I am so not kidding everyone is is your business in a small town.

Especially having a brother who group in this town for over 40 yrs. He is popular around here, so being his sister they know me even when I do not know them .

This fourm is my respite . Thank you Mark for putting it together. It is my lifeline to the inside world of my own demons , that I do not wish to share with anybody else. :cool:

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