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I have both colors, too, goosey.

As far as I can tell, they seem to indicate which category of user sent you the reputation point; I know it doesn't correlate with increase or decrease in points.

We should ask 'Mark' if he knows.

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If you look at your last post, Rose, on the right side at the same level as your name, there's a list of things, like 'Join Date' and 'Number of Posts'. The last item is a number called 'Reputation'. It starts at 5 for brand-new members, and goes up (usually). You have to be 6, I think (some mixed results here) to post outside the New Members forum. You can add to a member's reputation by clicking on the little "scales of justice" icon in the bar just about the 'Join Date' and "approving" of the person's post. Especially if you guys encounter a new member before I do, please add to their reputation unless they're an obvious spammer. That will allow them to post more freely. This the end of this public-service announcement ... :-)

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Thanks. Found it! Not sure I like it though. If it comes to a vote I say do away with it.

I’m quite proud of my ‘rep’ on another board. It comes mostly from the ‘thank you’ button.

Join Date: Feb 2008

Location: London UK

Posts: 2,990

Thanks: 810

Thanked 1,076 Times in 723 Posts

Maybe we could have something like that.

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I wrote this last night as a reply to another thread but I would like to repeat myself.

I am a new member having just joined in December. Please do not take my comments as any sort of criticism just simply my experience thus far.

After I joined, my reputation was at 7 after a couple of days and stayed at 7 ever since. As a new member, my reputation is very important to me. I came here to hopefully connect with others who share my challenges and perhaps gain strength my helping someone else. I have had 3 people ask me to be a "friend" and this made me feel welcome.

I have tried to honestly share who I am. As a person I approach things or at least try to approach things with some level of humor. All my life humor has been a defense mechanism. At times, humor has at times been a welcome friend and years ago even paid some bills.

Today I found my reputation went down to 6. For me, as a new member, this was devastating. For you senior members this may not seem to be a reasonable response but I am trying to gain acceptance and still be me, once I realized that someone has been impacted negatively, I question whether I should continue to be myself. I assume that someone may have been offended by my humor.

My suggestion would be to eliminate the "reputation" system. Would it be more reasonable to have experienced, senior members, safe guard the site and weed out spammers or other unwanted visitors? If I offended anyone I would appreciate knowing, ideally from the person I offended, with my view or opinion. If that person would prefer to remain anonymous, could a senior member not communicate this message

I may seem fragile and perhaps I am, however, trying to find acceptance with a daily visible "do we like him" indicator can be intimidating to a newcomer.


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And I had added that I agreed with Tim. I too have felt disappointed that my reputation never increases. It's silly really since I don't really don't know you out there in cyberworld, but I feel that I have found a nice place to be and I have noticed it is helping me rebuilt trust. I'm new to forums and frankly I'm not even clear why the reputation is there - the mention of spammers confused me mostly... I wish I had not found out about the reputation option, now I have this feeling like I'm being graded. Is there a way that it could only be seen by certain people, like old timers :) Us newcomers are insecure about things like that :-)

I find myself secretly jealous of Malign, he's just so darn popular...:)

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Hi Tim, Symora etc.....

Ive been here 6 months, and well really my rep points dont mean a lot to me. However what does mean a heck of a lot is the friends I have found here, the support we all provide for eachother, and the fact that I dont feel Im so alone and that people do actually care and understand.

The scales are an easy way to serve a purpose, mainly to stop spammers. Think I read about iit in the FAQ section when I frst joined.

Everybodies posts are valued and apprieciated, there is no need to feel dissapointed in yourself if you dont gain rep points, coz well you gain something much more valuable in return.

Anyway, kinda forgot what I am trying to say, (the joys of being a bit forgetful these days :)) but I hope that you all know that you are all apprieciated for everything that you do :)

Take care


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Sue, I think you said it quite beautifully. I completely agree.

This site is a place where one can offer and receive support in a respectful environment. Everyone's input is valued. I was just thinking today how great it is having so many folks here available to offer support, advice, thoughts and insights to one another. Everyone has different strengths that can be utilized in helping another. We can all work together to try and do that. The more minds, the better. I also think that when we are having some difficulty in our lives, it can be very healing to offer some of ourselves to another. We're all fellow journeymen. And, numbers aside, we're all are very valued as members.

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I was trying to add to yours today, Symora, without any luck. Nothing happens when I click the button. :confused:

Anyhow, I think you have gentle compassion and wisdom and have been a very positive member of the board. :)

In response to Goose's original question, the green squares are "positive" and the gray squares are "neutral". I looked it up in FAQ. It says something about some posters not being able to add points and so are considered "neutral". Not really sure exactly what this means, though. :confused:

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I checked it out too. It seems someone with ‘decent’ rep leaves points (green square) whereas someone , a newbie perhaps or someone with not much rep yet, doesn’t leave points (dark green square). Points or no points, it’s nice when it’s a positive comment, not so nice when it’s negative because they seldom leave their name leaving no option for discussing their objections to the post.

Maybe, when we rep each other, we could agree to leave our name. This way we can return the favour. Nothing wrong with that is there?

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Am very new here, but really appreciate being allowed to be here, to hear struggles and triumphs much like my own and to express myself. I just question the reputation tag-my first impression is that it's potential could be harmful.

What are points based on anyway? Is it honesty, positivity, or caring about others? Or something else.

Something unique to my situation these past few years has been an attitude of nonjudgementalism from friends. I was 'given' the concept of wabi sabi-rather, perfection in imperfection, to me meaning that wherever we are in our journey is where we are, and we are 'perfect' in that place . In nature everything is different to a degree from everything else. Is one tree less perfect than another?

I tried the 'positive thinking' trend, change your thoughts repeatedly to positve ones and you'll get better. Well, it didn't work but I lied all the way saying it did because i thought it was because of my lack. More shame and failure to carry inside. Until someone told me I was acceptable and loved where i was, and was treated that way, i don't think much healing occurred. In this new frame of wabi sabi, i got to see where i was for myself and change became a matter of experiencing consequences for myself without fear of shame or abandonment. Methods of coping weren't reflections of my person. Have been validated in a way therapy and current wisdom never could. I.m learning not to live to get 'better', but to be. And in doing so i lose sight of myself and my pain and the moments I'm in are way better for the most part than those i regret or fear. Now is so good. Without the fear of external judgements that often just the thought of derails me i am free to guide myself, and i know who i am way better than others

and get to experience and create my life free of fear of 'failure'. If an interaction occurs with unfavorable outcome, the time i spend in self deprication and pity and despair shortens, as i've learned i have only to try again a different way, and progressively i learn to be effective for myself and my goals. It is these succeses that give me hope.

I don't mean to run on. Just have found that number a bit disconcerting.


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