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havnt been on in a while?


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yay. not a whole bunch. trying to get through government dickery with trying to get a new Social security card to get a state id card so i can register to get my G.E.D. But I need to get medical records from a state run hospital ive been to in the last six months and a couple of other secondaries since i do not have a primary (photo ID)

I know, to get a new card (i have a number still, just not a card) i need to get an id, but to get an id, I need a social security card.

Confusing, isn't it?

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Things have been great for me, and I'm on the cusp of a lot of fantastic advancements towards my goals. A bunch of other things may be happening exceptionally soon (and far sooner than I expected).

Either way things are very positive.

Probably gonna wait until the end of October to fill everyone in on the meat of recent happenings.

edit - glanced through my original post on the forums and one thing in particular has defied my expectations. Through losing weight I've lost a lot of fat in my face especially, and now some girls (and an occasional guy, I don't swing that way) have called me cute, attractive, a babe and so on. So now I'm looking at my face in the mirror and I'm starting to think even my face may actually be attractive.

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Hey Darkness, welcome back !

Since you already had a social security card they can look that up , and issue a new one? If you have any old school ID's that should work? Just to tell them you are who you say you are? Your birth certifficate should help . I see where your stuck , but S.S should let you get your card>

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Hey xeno. Congrats on the living (and on feeling the settings on your dryer, if that helps.) :-)

What I hope is that folks here are also coping with the little compliments of life. Sunshine or a bird singing. Those are meant for us, too, so don't pass them by, in favor of the insults.

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