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Please welcome......


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Please welcome Pseudome as the newest moderator of our site!! :)

He has been an active part of our family for some time now and his wisdom and compassion have already touched many.

Join me in congratulating Pseudome!!!! We are happy to have you as a moderator :(

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Cangrats, pseud! I'm so glad you've joined! :)

And here are the ballons and icecream that I've promissed to danni when she'd mentioned the celebration in the thread welcomming me:




(I'm sorry it can't appear here as an image but only as a link...)

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This is just such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you, and for all of us here. Congratulations:).

PS: I just 2 minutes ago e-mailed the "Send me on my Way" video you posted the other day to a person I'd just met who put up with a bit of drama from me last night. Along with it I added the comment that it was posted by a young man who has "come a long, long way".

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