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Would it help you if less well endowed famous men 'came out'?



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  1. 1. Would it help you if less well endowed famous men 'came out'?

    • Yes.
    • No.
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Part of my hurt is the horrid jokes by men and women I hear in real life and the media.

Sometimes they comments make me physically sick- I get feelings of total despair.

I feel I deserve 0 respect- that I am a freak.

If society curbed this it would reduce my pain for sure.

Even if I never had sex again my pain would be reduced overall.

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I cringe when I hear those kinds of jokes too. I'm sorry the words are painful to you. :( I still think such humor is one way that people deflect fear of their own vulnerabilities. It's a defense mechanism, avoidance, denial ... All of that reflects on the person talking and not on you, Jessie. You deserve to be respected as the person you are. Would you say that you respect yourself? I hope that you do.

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"... if you like I will change them."

Nah, I can't afford to be indirect about stuff like that. If I had a problem with the tags, I'd just ask you to change them, or do it myself.

I just wondered. :-)

I seem to recall (though of course I have no way of checking, or no way that I would believe) that at least one or two famous men have "come out" about their size. Only, that would probably be swamped by rumor and innuendo, even if it happened.

I think there are in fact many problems that individuals suffer because society isn't very grown up. I refrained from being overly optimistic and appending the word "yet" to that, because I don't actually have any faith that society is heading in that direction. I'm sure you're aware of the least common denominator effect, which is the maximum level that any group of people can attain. The larger the group, the lower that level is likely to be.

On the other hand, most problems that could be solved by changing society can at least be mitigated, reduced in intensity, by accepting that society isn't going to change and then deciding not to care. In a way, caring forces you to give weight to the beliefs of the lowest common denominator. Personally, I don't think those beliefs deserve that kind of respect.

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I voted yes but after further consideration I tend to agree with wasted life...at the end of the day I still have a small inadequate penis. The bigger is better philosophy is deeply ingrained in our society and culture and is only getting worse. All these new "studies" that confirm women find men with big cocks more attractive and that men with big cocks can give vaginal orgasms better than average or small men just confirm the philosophy therefore further marginalizing men with average to small penises. Why aren't there any simple studies out there (at least I've not found any) that show representations of two men identical in every way save for penis size one below average and one above average and ask which is more desirable? No political correctness, no "sparing feelings" and no qualifiers such as " I find men with above/below average size more attractive BUT...." It's "either or, or no preference" in this hypothetical study. None of the "noise:" most of these other studies put forward. I admit I am simple minded and to me, finding the "cold hard simple truth" whatever that is would be more beneficial to me than anything.

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Maybe the simple answer is that it's more complicated than that?

So, for instance, you would "show" representations of men identical except for penis size. Okay, but that would only test for visual aspects. It wouldn't let them judge how it feels, for instance. Then, if you made the representation be a 3D model, you still wouldn't get the feeling of a live male using it.

Most women in love want to make love to the man they're in love with. The rest of it, to them, is just "noise".

What if a study found men with small penises to be, in every conceivable way, "adequate" (to use your own term.) Would you believe the study?

So maybe this is less about their beliefs than about yours ...

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