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Weird a poll like this hasn't been asked already



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  1. 1. How big is your penis? (errect)

    • 0-2 inches
    • 2-3 inches
    • 3-4 inches
    • 4-5 inches
    • 5+ inches (why are you here?)

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the ones around 5+ have reasons to be here too

and remember, by youtube and porn standards, 5 inches is still small

As a guy in this category, I know that this forum and others have helped me deal with this issue. I stick around here for the other guys in my situation who need to get out of the lousy way of thinking. For the guys who are smaller, I can understand the pain, for what that's worth.

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Klingsor, I hope you weren't mocking my post

I'm one of the guys that barely hits the 5 inches mark. Girth is slightly over 5 inches. That's non none pressed, since I don't cheat. Flaccid I'm anywhere from 2.5-3.2 inches length, but skinny

Statistically I'm "low average" but every time I'm with a girl (which has been a lot) I can't help but feel I'm the smallest they have ever had probably. Girlfriends of past knew I was self conscious about this. Though the second last girl I brought home said I was better than her ex, who was "huge" and she assured me that size is not important (re-affirmed by the fact she kept begging for another go, but I declined)

It's the same for everybody, just different topics. Say you are doing a school project. 99 people said they loved your project and thought you did such an awesome job. Only 1 person said they didn't like it. What's the one thing you'll be thinking of forever now? Not the 99 people who liked it, but the 1 person who didn't. That's where SPS comes in. Even if not directly told, the media and porn industry and size queens give us that one thought that we are inadequate. Even if everyone else says we are ok

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I concur 210% with you, RogerJ. The former case is just a form of body dysmorphia, however ridiculous it may express itself.

Had you suggested this 80 posts ago you might have found me more agreeable to your frame of mind.

klingsor,i do believe that roger had suggested this in more than one previous posts.

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Guest Klingsor

Sorry on my phone I can't use the quote button

Would you say all women would sacrifice other good qualities in men just to have a big penis? Like him being dumb or a jerk or ugly even?

Yes. I have witnessed it, all three. All that matters is if you possess that cockiness and self assurance. That's all women want, it's what turns them on, gives them satisfaction. A man only has that if he's superior in some way, better, and a big cock is the best bragging right a man can have.

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Klingsor, I hear what you're saying here, but I honestly think you are putting too much weight on the "value" of a big penis. I don't say that it is of no importance to girls - but I really have to question this idea that it is a kind of ace card which trumps all other factors?

If a guy has a big penis, but is otherwise a total loser (low IQ, massively overweight, very bad looking, physically violent, criminal record, history of drug abuse, can't hold down a job, etc) is that guy really and honestly going to be at all attractive to most self respecting women? Even as a one night stand?

Here is what I think: I believe that there are some women (almost certainly a minority) who place great store on the size of a partner's penis. These are the so called "size queens". For most women, though, I suspect that size is either going to be relatively unimportant, or is going to be just one of a long list of factors - is in other words, within limits, not in itself a deal breaker.

(I say "within limits", because I understand that there is likely to be a minimum threshold for most women. But I still doubt whether this threshold is nearly as high as many men assume!)


I also suspect there are not a few women out there who actively dislike very big penises!

i'm surprised at you roger.

after all this time,you're still asking klingsor whether penis size is the be all and end all of a man's traits.

his answer would certainly be a big fat yes.

as for "If a guy has a big penis, but is otherwise a total loser (low IQ, massively overweight, very bad looking, physically violent, criminal record, history of drug abuse, can't hold down a job, etc) is that guy really and honestly going to be at all attractive to most self respecting women? Even as a one night stand?",well perhaps you missed his thread/post titled "william h. sheldon and constitutional psychology".

and don't bother trying to read it now,it's gone,along with all of his older posts,when he went on his post deleting spree.

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The other factor would be a girl being with you because you are perfect in every way expect the size (you're nice, attractive, funny, financially secure)

But then she finds a guy on the side to satisfy her sexual desires

That's my biggest fear

well,aside from one's size,it depends on the girl.

so choose wisely,if of course you care.

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No that's one way of looking at sex. That's how I used to view sex also so I get where you're coming from. But I think a lot of this from my experience came from porn. And I like I said I view sex differently now because I follow some Taoist beliefs. And I believe every time a man ejaculates he loses his power and gives it to the women. The women is the receiver of the man's energy and she takes that energy. That's why a man is often drained and tired after sex and the women is more upbeat and refreshed. The women during sex sucks energy from the man, especially more so if he uses a condom. The vaginal fluids get absorbed back into the penis without a condom and a man doesn't lose so much. How much blood does it take to make semen. 7 drops of blood for one drop of semen, and 1 drop of blood takes lots of nutrients and minerals.

The sex game is the woman's game. A man who plays this game is weakening himself mentally and emotionally. That's just how I view it and based on my experiences. You don't have to agree and that's fine. Maybe what you've experienced in your life is very different to this and that's okay and I'm not going to convince you to switch how you see things. It is a fools games to me though and a man who plays this will destroy himself and I do believe this,

i agree that frequent ejaculation is unhealthy for men.

but i disagree with your statement that the woman takes the man's energy when he ejaculates.and honestly,if a woman does take a man's energy,then she can have as much of my energy as she wants,lol. :D

but klingsor's distorted view on life,attraction,sex,etc,is quite interesting,and closely resembles porn philosophy.

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believe me,i don't need convincing to not use condoms,i'd rather get an std than use one,lol.

getting a chick knocked up however,is another matter,and a hard pill to swallow,and in such an instance i'd rather not have sex at all,than use a condom,or risk pregnancy.

as for masturbation,i guess we should all try not to do it,or at least do it less,as you said.


"There are lots minerals and hormones in semen, serotonin and dopamine",maybe we should charge women for our ejaculate. :D

it could be a viable,effective,and safe substitute for antidepressants etc,without any of the side effects,if taken orally. :P

don't worry ladies,we won't charge you brand name prices.

Edited by resolute
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