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another pointless blog entry....



i dunno why but i feel a little sad. i was ok earlier. ykw hasn't been too bad so far this week. she said a few mean things to me today but that's all. i slept for too long today :P| i went for a walk earlier but i don't really like going on my own in case i get kidnapped :o( my body is so sore from doing situps :o| i don't think i'll be able to move in the morning. that could work in my favour...[>:o)]

i'm reallllllllly not looking forward to work tomorrow.


stupid internet is so slow at home it's wreaking my head. :o| i keep emailing the broadband people and they keep emailing back to say it's fixed but it's not.. it's so sloooooooow.

i still look like a big giant strawberry.



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i think i'm losing it .

i think i'm losing everything.

i'm just confused. everything is mixed up.

i don't think my home friends like me anymore. just a funny feeling i get. they don't ask me to do stuff with them anymore. they always say they'll let me know when they're going out next and stuff like that but then they never do and i find out on facebook that they did go out after all! they just never bothered to tell me.i have a feeling they don't like me anymore. i dunno what i did wrong.

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stupid birthday. what an awful night... i've never been so sick in my life!

enough to turn me off alcohol forever..... yuck yuck yuck :o( i started drinking at about9 and by 10:30 i was sick. i dunno if it was the drink or maybe i really am just sick coz i wasn't feelilng well this morning either. from about 11 til 3 all i drank was water so i spent the rest of the night sober while eveeryone else was drunk :o( it didn't feel too bad though... i don't want to be 20 >:o(

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