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Painting from Life



Painting from Life

I slap bright angry red strokes across the empty canvas.

I add some orange touches because I'm right,

And some black streaks because I fear I'm wrong.

And the fire threatens to consume me.

So I pour on pinkness and bathe it in blueness,

Trying to put out the fire. It works,

But the colors blend, their edges lost,

Until all I'm left with is a color I cannot name,

That is me.


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Mark, that's beautiful! :( :(...

(I was wondering weather to ask you about your recent therapy night - if it went well. And this poem makes me wonder if it's a kind of answer to this question... :))

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I'm processing through my own feelings.

I have feelings about my entire life: work, site, relationships, divorce, general grumpiness. ;-)

I'm trying to build them into a working 'me'.

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WOW, well that sounds like a challenge, good luck big bro :(

You already have a working 'me' it just needs a little 'nudge' in the right direction. But you will get there :(

Guess its a bit like me tryin' to kick my ass into gear - but without the help from a mechanic (apparently they dont work on humans - I asked !!! :))

Wanna talk about it some more bro ?

(or am I being too nosey ?)

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Maybe it's a way to consider that you're okay being as you are...and that being true to yourself means you can take on the challenges (and the feelings that come with those challenges) that life brings you. I like those thoughts.

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Well...everything is subjective on some level...I saw it through my vision of things and took out of it what I would... Worked for me. :o

I hope it did for you, too, in the way that you needed it to.

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Yeah, it worked pretty much the same for me ... except it was stuff that I put in. :-)

I thought it worked, just as a poem.

We'd been talking about pink and blue and them blending together, and all. The image of painting in bright colors pretty much came all by itself.

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I know mark, im sorry.

the peom is pretty self explanitry - was just hoping if I asked it may of enabled you to put some of it into words - really didnt mean to be a cc - sorry bro.

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Yeah, you're right. It's more putting stuff in, isn't it?

What color would pink and blue make when blended together? I know red and blue make purple. Does that mean pink and blue would be lilac or light purple?

Maybe you should paint, Mark.

I like writing poetry because it slows things down for me, lets me really ffffeeeellll things...which I love, of course.

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Guest SomethingOrOther


I'm afraid pink and blue would probably come out somewhere near brown' date=' in a color I don't know the name of, hence ...[/quote']



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