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i don't know why i feel so worried. i'm not worried about anything in particular i don't think. the feeling is just there and i can't get rid of it. i feel as worried now as i did the week before my art had to be handed up and that makes no sense. i wish i could just forget about everything and i wish every feeling inside me would go away. tomorrow morning i'm going to visit my old college. i'm a little scared about it. i'll finally get to meet the girl who stole my name:(

i'll probably come home sadder than ever and i'll start missing everyone.

i wish i could just relax and let all the bad feelings out but i can't:(

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you're not being stupid. that would make sense. i just know if i don't go visit i'll regret it and i hate regrets. i really miss everyone there so it'll be good to see them, just sad at the same time.

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yeah, I understand, it just seems to me if it is going to hurt you so much to go, maybe it's not worth it.

But I understand why you would want to go.

I hope you at least enjoy your time while you're there.

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i did enjoy it. i was sad at the same time though. i didn't want to leave. i don't know how but it made me feel motivated again just by being there. then me and my friend got the bus back to town and went for coffee and talked. i miss doing things like that. then we just hung out for a while. then i came home and ykw made me feel bad again and now she won't let me visit my other friends in college tonight. i was supposed to be going to a birthday party but never mind. now i am sad again i'm crying because everything is a mess. how can i fix things when everything is so negative?

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Ooo, sparkly! :-)

It sounds like a really nice leaf; I hope you can keep it turned this side up.

But remember you're a human, too: no one's sparkly all the time. That's what friends are for.

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Mmm, well, at least for myself, I can tell you that although I do try, I don't always sparkle ...

Sounds like a good plan, as long as you really want it. {That's how I describe my own efforts: I believe in sparkling, I just don't always manage it.}

And once you decide, there are leaves everywhere! :-)

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You're already a ... LadyBlossomBug!

Um. Did they say how many points to subtract if you believed them? :-)

I'm teasing, sweety. Many famous people don't test very high. It's more, what you do with what you get. You can be a terrific butterfly, no matter what IQ you have.

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