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i still havn't turned into a butterfly..



i just asked my angels to help me today and then my angel book opened on the page "let your angels help you". so whenever i need some help i can ask the angels and we can work as a team to help meeeeeeeeeee!

i had another strange dream last night... really strange. i wish i was good at interpreting dreams coz i'd love to know what this one meant..



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it is really hard to stay positive when you're not naturally a positive person...i am trying though. i feel like doing something fun but i'm stuck at home.. i think maybe it's time i learnt how to drive...

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I FEEL LIKE SCREAMING. but the angels won't let me. i'm so frustrated right now.. i'm trying to get my america visa sorted out because the people i'm going with have already booked theirs and they are booking flights this week.

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because it's expensive. very expensive. i probably have enough money to go. i just won't have any money when i come home and i'll probably lose my job so it makes sense to just stay home.

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Ah. Well, that's a decision based on reasonable reasons.

I was afraid they weren't letting any more big brave doggs in, or something.

Is it the traveling or where they were planning to stay, that's breaking the bank? There might be alternatives available.

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