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Hello everyone. Is hard to believe that im actually seeking help for my small penis syndrome, I am 6 inches lenght erect and 5 in girth.

Some would say is not that bad, but whenever i look down I see i little shamefull penis. With the years it have not got better even its getting worse.

Since I met my gf de anxiety has get much more unstopable, because now I wonder if she would enjoy more a bigger penis, if she would orgasm with a bigger penis, well all that kind of stuff that keep you awake at night. She tells me that I please her as no one has ever done. But i'm unable to believe that, I just see my penis as an useless penis that will never be enough.

Desperetly I bought an hydromax pump, and yes I got some results, but not even close to what i expected, so yes another thing to get frustrated about "I bought that expensive shit to get big, but now it seems that there's no hope"

I really try to be ok with what i have but it seems to be more difficult everyday, i've lost my sexdrive, because i can stop thinking that she deserves something "better".

I really dont know what to do and I would really appreciate some advice.

Thanks for your time and your comprehension.

Pd: sorry if I wrote bad some words or if didnt expressed myself correctly. English is not my 1st languaje.



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@Sebs0424 I read your post, sorry you are feeling bad.  

I have been on here a long time and this is just one of those issues where everyone has their own view and it just has to play out.  In other words some guys find a "solution" others just begrudgingly accept it, others are miserable & tortured the rest of their lives, each thought like a harsh wind across the Great Plains. 

It sounds like you were doing good for awhile.  Did something trigger SPS for you?  

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@VictimorthecrimeVictimorthecrime hi, thx for replying, I understand what you say, I know theres a lot of possibilities, but I don't want to be that sad and miserable guy, this affects a lot of aspects of my life and I am sick of that.

I suppose  what triggered it was the new kind of anxiety i felt when I started with my gf (she is my first ever partner) so I was a virgin till i met her, We enjoyed sex a lot it was pure passion and love, then I started to wonder why does she never orgasm so I did research and well you can find a lot of shit in the internet, but i tried new positions, new ways to arouse her more, but it never did succeded. 

Then I started to get anxious and anxious, "why this wont happen?" I wonder and then that stupid self destructive though came to mind "it maybe my penis size" after that i've been in a down spiral without not going back.

I have some good days where I like my penis but it usually doesnt last enough.


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Hi, Sebs, welcome!

I'm sorry you make such conclusions about yourself :( , not just without evidence, but even with statements showing the opposite: 

8 hours ago, Sebs0424 said:

She tells me that I please her as no one has ever done. But i'm unable to believe that,

You said you've researched the issue, so you probably must have seen many (or at least several) other reasons why women may have this kind of problem, totally unrelated to their partner! I wonder how would you explain why you've chosen to believe it's caused by your size. Is it, for instance, to avoid being angry at her (that she's somehow "flawed")? (It's easier to blame ourselves that the one we love...) In any case, it's useless and harmful to blame anybody. You need mainly to trust each other, which includes you believing her when she says you can please her. If you don't, it will not only harm you (as it already started), but also her. She's happy now and you're creating a problem just by not believing her. This way, you decrease the chances that your experiences will get better. You can keep trying, every now and then, some new things, but not without enjoying what you already have, because otherwise, it would be just frustrating.

BTW; does she climax when you use, for instance, your fingers? (Because if yes, then what's the problem? She's not "deprived of" any pleasure!)

From what you described, it seems to me that you have your own idea of "how sex ought to be" and the idea is unrelated to what your partner says and how she sounds / "seems" to feel. So you would prefer to somehow "force" your ideal "onto her (and yourself)" and when you can't, you blame yourself to the point of ruining it all for both of you. In fact, mainly due to some stupid, irrelevant information from the web! (It reminds me a bit of people having some mild symptoms, searching the web for diagnoses, and finding some terrible-ones and then living in big fear of having an awful illness while being almost healthy... :( )

I hope my words don't sound harsh to you. I''m just being open and honest with the aim to help you to get out of this sad "obsession"... 

Good luck!

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I can relate, because my penis is exactly the same length as yours but thinnner though

I was in kind of the same situation with my first girlfriend.
I couldn't make her come either. I do think it happened twice though over our 1-year relationship. She dumped me and I suspect that was the reason why. I was in the military at the time and my friend with a giant penis could not make his girlfriend come either.

My mental issues began back then leading to on/off insomnia, anxiety and depression. I did manage to have sex with other women afterwards, but it is dificult for me to make them come im not sure if I have actually seen it ever out of the 12-15 girls I had sex with...... very imasculating indeed

It's now been 9 years since I had "succesful" sex. I am 35.

I am too nervous to perform the few times I have tried to have sex with girls.

You should be very careful not ending up like me. Bitter and frustrated.


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