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Hi all


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Thought I give a introduction who am ( Trying not to think about the next couple week ) 


Am David or Dave if you want call me am not much of a sports fan ( so please don't ask me what my favorite football team is or sport is lol )

I am bit creative and a Hugh Britney spears fan lol aswell as a film buff who loves horror films.


Anyway that's me. Pop on and say hi :)

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On 8/16/2018 at 9:56 AM, IrmaJean said:

Hi Dave. Welcome. :) Thank you for sharing your art. Very cool. I like to write poems and stories too, though I haven't done much writing in a while. May I ask what kind of stories you write? I hope you are enjoying the summer.

Just realized that I didt answer your Question

Horror stories. I.E. vampire staff, room no.6 

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Yes!  That's the one.  I thought it was very good. Not excellent but very good.

Pretty sure Rob has a lot of help w the writing, I think he even credits a co-author, but the end result is worth checking out especially if you are into metal & demon themes.  There was some violence but it was in keeping w the story and not just torture porn.  

Lord of the Dead by Tom Holland was also very good.  Very creepy and atmospheric.  

Halloween is fast approaching & I will have to find a good read or two from the dark side.  🎃 

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