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"Hegemonic and Subordinated Masculinities..."


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Extremely interesting essay, supports much of what is discussed on this forum. The modern phenomena of cuckoldry is rooted in this. It also demonstrates the true nature of the political theater current year...not "left versus right" but neo-liberalism versus populism (of whatever variety) - "hegemonic" masculinity being the flabby, materialistic bourgeoisie sentimentalism dominant since the 18th century, and the two subordinated masculinities encompassing the left/right popular, practical, carnal understandings of the relations between the sexes. Phallicism will be the new religion. 



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"Oh Klingsor, this is a preoccupation of luxury, of decadence, when people can't eat nobody thinks about this type of shit...it's a first world problem."



Hustle By Any Means: OnlyFans Reports Historic Growth With 170K New Users A Day As Unemployment Rises

As the coronavirus pandemic sends American unemployment levels soaring to record highs, thousands of people have turned to OnlyFans and similar independent-creator platforms, such as Patreon, in hopes of making up for lost wages. In recent weeks, OnlyFans has seen a 75% increase in sign-ups, with more than 170,000 new users each day, according to a company email. Patreon reported 50,000 new creators in March — its fastest ever rate of growth.

Some users sell artwork; others sell workout routines, writing services or cooking tutorials. Many sell naked pictures.

While not everyone was signing up to sell naked content, the vast majority of signs ups were for that reason. Salute to all the hustlers finding a way during the harsh COVID-19 times.

Yeah, shout-out to all those hustlers for your genetic privilege! The uglies and pencil-dicked can starve, thanks Corona!

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Increasingly in the United States we are seeing women engaging in behaviors that have previously been the province of men only, and we are also seeing men's resistance to this encroachment of their space....couple this with a de-industrialized workforce, another traditional proving ground for masculinity now defunct, and we see that men have to find new ways to prove masculinity.

For men who are truly at the margins and no longer have any other recourse in obtaining or regaining favored masculine status, the definitive way to reclaim their status is to display the "ultimate [symbol]" of masculinity - the penis. Individuals who are on the margins of masculinity must publicly show their penis (real or metaphorical) in order either to achieve or reify masculinity. Returning to the sex and gender dichotomy, Stoller and Garber claim that the penis, a physical entity, symbolizes "maleness"...this is also what bell hooks (1992) refers to as the "dick thing" masculinity; the idea that masculinity is all about the penis and the centricity of the phallus...[she] labels this "dick thing" fetish phallocentrism.

Three movies that appeared in 1997 demonstrate both the phallocentrist ideology and ways in which masculinity-on-the-margins [subordinated masculinity] must be validated through the display of the penis: G.I. Jane, Boogie Nights, and The Full Monty. The rise of men's studies (Brod, 1987) and the focus on a multicultural society in past decade highlight how men in general have been displaced as the "norm" and replaced at the margins. Some men can still claim their space at the center of our attention...those who engage in traditional forms of masculinity. But many other men are finding that their version of masculinity is no longer enough to validate them. These three movies represent cultural anxieties about where versions of masculinities are headed. In all three movies, the plot centers on individuals who are at the margins [subordinated] of masculinity...it is through the revelation of the phallus that they are redeemed to achieve a more centered [hegemonic] masculinity.

Boogie Nights provide a wonderful example of the fetishized phallus. Although Dirk has some claims to privilege as a white, heterosexual man, he is also a working-class hustler who has nothing to his name and no special talents but for his 13-inch penis.

This movie, according to Newsweek Magazine, is about reclaiming lost masculinity [the sole, unifying basis of the entire manosphere in 2020]. The Newsweek article tells of a lost masculinity of the '90s, and a way to revive it is to return to a simpler time, when men were socially rewarded for flaunting their manliness, their sexual prowess. Who better to embody this but a young porn star with an enormous phallus? The enormous phallus, the ultimate and essential representation of masculinity, represents all that men have lost socially over the past few decades. Michael Kimmel, quoted in Newsweek, states, "There's been a degendering of masculinity. The places we used to prove our masculinity are now co-ed...so men proving their masculinity has to look somewhat different."

Ultimately, Dirk's body gets him where he wants to go. Early on in the movie, when he is in bed with a lover, he tells her that he knows he is not bright, or especially talented...but "everyone is blessed" he tells her, "with one special thing", and his is a 13-inch penis that seems to make up for his losses in other areas.

It is his penis, a body part, which earns him a more socially centered [HEGEMONIC] masculinity. He buys a house, a new imported Italian wardrobe, and his dream car, a red Corvette. This is a far cry from the shame of hustling. As a prostitute, he would be sexual with men for little money. As a porn star, he is sexual with women for a lot of money. Both heterosexuality and wealth are important masculine status markers....Kimmel (1994b) notes that the defining notion of American manhood is "successful marketplace competition" (p. 122). Dirk is now successful, and his 13-inch cock is his passport.

Two years later, we Dirk heavily into coke and getting stale. We see him trying to get hard just before a shoot, masturbating in his dressing room, chanting "I'm a star," as if that will produce the elusive hard-on. For the penis is only valuable in its erect state, at least for Dirk's purposes. It is not enough to have an enormous phallus, but that phallus must work on command. Masculinity is associated with hardness, not just of the penis, but of the body in general...all things soft are considered feminine, and thus less masculine.

In the final scene of the movie, Dirk is back in his dressing room, getting ready for a shoot. Once again, he talks to himself in the mirror, psyching himself up. He chants, "I am a star. I'm a star..." He is back at last. In the last few minutes of the movie, we see what he sees in the mirror: he stands, his head cut off and out of range of the mirror, he opens his pants and releases the penis we have heard about but never seen - 13 inches of triumphant phallus unrolls on screen to the gasps and amazement of the audience - [symbolizing] dirk's resurrection and masculinity reclaimed. It is significant that we do not see Dirk's head, only his penis; after all, when he started thinking for himself, he lost his head and spiraled down... It is only his penis that redeems him, that is his currency to a higher status. It is the head of the penis that is important (and the shaft it is attached to), rather than the head and the body it is attached to.

In Boogie Nights, it is specifically the unveiling of the penis that reclaims and reifies masculine status. It is the naked phallus that makes the public statement of maleness/masculinity so powerful and riveting. Significantly, we only see Dirk's penis after his fall from grace. By showing the audience his penis, Dirk polishes his tarnished image, reclaiming his former status.

- Addelston, Judi. "Doing the Full Monty with Dirk and Jane". Journal of Men's Studies. Volume 7: Jun 1, 1999.


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Don’t the Gertrud Pfisters and Ben Carringtons of the world have anything better to do?  Is this what we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on education for?  My God, I would tell these folks to go bake a cake or paint a fence or something. Geez. 

The internet is a cess pool. I don’t swim in it. Life is too short for these assholes and their hate thinly veiled by a pretext of “observation”. 

@Klingsor these people aren’t worth a minute of your time, they don’t have a tenth of your intelligence. They accomplish nothing.  

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These are trying times for sure.😞

I'm hoping we have turned a corner with the virus (at least for now), but I can't say that I feel sure about that either.

Vic, are you in a space where you can go outside and safely walk? Maybe the fresh air might help a bit?

Klingsor, is there any activity you enjoy that you find grounding?

I hope everyone feels better soon.


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Lockdown is hard work, millions of people with anxieties. Some things easing a little here, people going back to work and able to drive further for walking.

Some reports that people do not want to go out yet though.

Who'd have thought 2020 would have this kind of start? (Wish the planners had.)

Laughed at my favourite comedian Romesh's show yesterday, even funny through video link.

Sorry you guys are having a tough time  💛



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