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Hi everybody, as you may know, I'm dyslexic and ım on the spectrum. I have to write an application letter to a University but ım really having a hard time writing it. I have soooo much in my mind but ı just cant seem to express them on paper. This is really,really important for me because its my only chance for getting in. How can I express myself on papers? any ideas? 

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Hi, Dima,

The first step I'd recommend would be too google "how to write an application letter university" and read several of the pages that give advise about it. Then (or, perhaps, also before) I would write down (or record - you can "dictate" them to your phone or computer) all those ideas you have about your letter in the messy form they come. Then you can try to sort them, to find "the right" ideas and some logical order. Etc.

How much time do you have to write it?

I see that it's stressful, but you can break it into many small steps and systematically achieve the final goal. 

Do you have someone you can trust to check it for you? Someone with good spelling and grammar? 

BTW, what do you want to study?

Good look!

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Here is what I would write:  

Dear Admissions Department,

First let me say what an honor it is to correspond with you.  All of my scholastic life has been in preparation for this moment and now that it is here I find myself filled with both awe and gratitude.  Should you allow me to cross the threshold and walk the hallowed halls of what I consider to be the finest institution of higher learning in all of this great land my pride will be will evident to all, I promise you that!  


Warmest regards, 



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Hello Dima. What helps you to organize your thoughts? Could you possibly record them verbally first? Or maybe write an outline or bullet list before you write the letter? Sometimes considering a project as a whole can feel overwhelming and it helps to take a few steps at a time.

Best wishes to you.

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