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Hey Rose

Yep coffee might be a reason as to why you cant sleep much ~ unless its decaff (unlikely)

Ok , well Im Sue, Im scatty at the best of times, oh I have a brain like a sieve (not my braiin cells fault ~ its lazy :)) I get silly hypers a lot, but thats ok coz I get lowpers too (will kinda balance out ~ hopefully one day) I have 4 babies, who are undoubtably the best kids in the world :) yep thats about it for me ~ I think :)

I dont do the sleep thingy either, could be why Im scatty :eek:

So erm, ok, whats your fav hobby ?

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Hi! Thanks for joining me here.

I was married for twenty years and brought up three kids. Divorced very amicably. He took care of me until I could take care of myself. I almost wore him out. He’s with someone else now, and we are still friends. Just this Christmas I got a lovely aroma therapy candle and oils from him. I love him for what he did for me. I just wish I had been a better wife to him.

More later……

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Hi Rose and Jj

This is a lovely idea Rose - your chat thread.

To introduce myself, I am female, married 19 years. I have 3 teenage children, 18 year old daughter who is lovely and quite demented (in a nice way) she makes me laugh:D, 16 year old son who is off-the-wall never know what he will do next:(, and my youngest son 13 who is so quiet you have to search the house for him:).

I work part time in admin in a large public hospital, I love my job.

I have a major problem with being social - but I will try to engage here, sometimes I run and hide if I get overwhelmed by it all.:)


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Hi! I've done my share of running and hiding too. And Overwhelmed is my middle name. It comes and goes. Just share what you are comfortable with. And don't be afraid to ask a few questions too.

I tried to change the name of the thread to just 'Chat Thread' but I couldn't. I wonder if a moderator could change it?? Not sure how that works. No problem if it's not possible.

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t’s after 5am here. I’ll pop off soon and try to get a few hours sleep. My daughter’s going to Spain for a week and I’ll be looking after my grandson. He’s a ten year old, red headed hooligan and I love him. He wants to learn chest so I’ll be shopping for a chess set tomorrow - I mean today.

Thanks people for dropping in for a chat.

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My birthday is on 20th January.

Kids and puppies doing fine.

Got a call from my daughter in Spain.

She's having a good time.

This is her first break since losing her baby one week before she was due to be born.

Jessica Rose - My only granddaughter.

I have five grandsons.

It's gone a bit quiet around here.

Hope you're all doing okay.

Stay strong and stay above the battle folks.

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Hi Rose,

Yes, I've noticed that it's sort of quiet as well.... guess the holidays tired everyone out.

Five grandsons! Your must be a busy place when they visit :rolleyes: I don't have any grandchildren yet, although my daughters are old enough to have some. One of my daughters is also in London, married to an English fellow, she is 30. She has been married for a couple of years but she has had a very hard time finding work and she'd like her career to get going a bit before having kids... he is 10 years older so he feels more rushed about it... I would also love a grandchild, but of course that's her decision...

It must have been very hard for your daughter to lose her daughter so late in the pregnancy...

Last day before going back to work for me as well ... I'm so unmotivated now. It's slow, I've done just about every HR project you can think of so now it's program maintenance which I don't like so much. I have a minimum of 2 years before retirement, so I better find something to do to keep me busy!

Hope all is well with you Rose!

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It was tough but she's amazing. I don't know anyone as strong as Katie. She's little and looks like 16, in reality she's 30. I don't know what I would have done without Katie.

Sorry, what's HR?

I don't work. I've been on disability since 1990.

I hope alls well with you too.

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I work in Human Resources - training mostly, corporate planning, recognition, all that good stuff. I've just been doing it too long in the same place, I've run out of enthusiasm for that job but I'm so close to retirement and I've been so depressed for the last 6 months that I can't envision changing at this point...

I've been off for 2 weeks and I can tell you that I am ready for retirement :) Only hope I can last those two years....

I'm OK today. Did not do much except play on Web and watch a movie. It's so cold out there I did not even put my nose outside...


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Hang in there. Retirement is around the corner. You’ll need a plan mind, or you’ll just sit on your butt in front of the TV. That’s good for the first few months, and you probably earned it, but then you begin to look around and think, “Okay done that. Now what?” :)

I took one of my grandsons to the dentist this morning. We hadn’t been out all weekend. It was very cold and frosty. My sister came over to give us a lift - I drive but no car just now. I got into her car and she said, “Cold enough for you?” And I said, “It’s like bloody Canada here just now!”

We have family in Canada.

I just thought of sharing that since your in Canada. :)

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Well Katie is back safe and sound. Came back a day late because of the weather. Had to stop when she got off the plane to put on something warmer. My son had keyhole heart surgery yesterday. A minor op by all accounts. My sister and I will drive up near London to bring him back. He was insisting he come back on the train but gave in to mummy pressure. This week has been the most stressful week I have had in a few years and I coped quite well all said and done.

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My little girl is 8 years old today! :) Wasn't she just born? It's cake-making day today. She's a sweet little girl and brings much joy. Should be a fun day.

Happy Birthday to your little girl , IrmaJean :D Time does fly when you have children! Every year when my son has a Birthday , I cannot believe how big and how old he is getting. Makes me feel old ! Where does the time go? I hope your child has a wonderful BD , with lots of fun , and cake, ice cream, & presents :)

It's been raining here in California. We need it. But always after the rains, we get heavy fog . Does not make it fun for driving. I live in a little town , very small, much like a hole in the ground. LOL. U have to go over a big hill just to enter . My son calls it a village. I like it here because it is so quiet. We use to live in the San Fransico bay area , and gosh their was always action , and so much noise .

My son is finally going back to school, their was a transportation issue from the bus, he goes to school out of town, because he's autistic and is in a special classroom. School started back up on Monday, and he is going tommorow , now that the bus can pick him up again. I can't drive right now , due to trying to heal and loss of mobility in my arms and shoulders, hands.

However, really feeling better emotionally now. Started being right, and taking my meds faithfully which has made a difference. Physically it is still hard, however, I know I am not feeling so sad or depressed anymore. All of a sudden, just yesterday I felt better about life, I can't explain it, it just clicked .

Finally a little peace , and security.


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I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better, mscat! :D It's great that your son is back to school again. I live in a tiny town as well and I also enjoy the quiet. Last year my H bought me a series of nature DVDs that I watch whenever my anxiety flares up. Very peaceful and relaxing. How are your dogs? My daughter had a great birthday. We bought her a little hamster who is a real cutie. I'm a big animal lover. My son (my oldest) will be 18 in March. I still can't believe it.

I finally received my transcript from the Community College I went to way back when in 1988. Looks as though I should be able to use some of my credits at least. Now I am just waiting for formal acceptance from the online college I applied to and then I can start up with classes. I'm so excited! I have to do this slowly, but that's okay. First up will be general education courses. History and such. Blech. Get me to the good stuff. They have a list of really interesting psychology courses. I hope I remember how to do this school stuff. Should be fun!

Bluerose, I'd send you some bread, but I bet it'd be frozen by the time it got there. Cold...

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