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Yes, Sue, I agree. We have to keep moving forward and keep on trying. This helps us to focus on the here and now. It also gives us the strength to believe in ourselves. We come to realize that nothing which might step into our path along the way can prevent us from reaching for tomorrow. I can relate to those thoughts. I also believe in the power of simple things. I think when we become aware of who we are and what is around us, we learn to better appreciate what is.

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I remeber days, years ago, when there was a series on HBO about missing spouses and how there were times i wanted to be the "HBO missing husband" just to escape it all. But you're right, often it is only placing one foot in front of the other that makes the most sense and the greatest difference.

It is a truism that the secret that leads us to our goal often simply lies solely in our tenacity-- one foot in front of the other.

And a good morning to you Chica linda,


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That sounds remarkably like shorthand for "I don't think it will help for me to talk to you any more."

It's definitely true that if you say something suitably vague, people will find in your words whatever the reader brings to them.

But that's not communication, because we care what meaning you bring to them. In other words, your meaning does not fade into insignificance.

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Thats not what I mean Mark.

What Im trying to say, somewhat poorly is that, What I meant with my words does not matter, my meaning behind them is immaterial, coz what others have said here is so positive and inspiring, that I dont want to loose that possitivity by being .... well by being me.

when i posted last night, it was just something that was in my head and to try get ot out i posted. - im sorry

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Sometimes the simple things in life give me the simplist solutions.

Just one foot in front of the other, and just keep right on going.........

Feels wierd to quote myself, kinda funny :)

I have been trying to find the words to explain what I meant, what I still mean. I cant find them. Its too hard for me to put into words.

I recieved a email a little while ago, coz like a der brain My inbox here was full to bursting, anyway, I was sent this (I hope the person who sent it to me dosnt mind, oh and thankyou :)) ..............

"(If) When your going through hell, keep going." Winston Churchill.

This is inspiring, and has given me a little boost, so thought I would share it with all of you.

And now Im going to follow the advice that came with the email, and stop trying to explain myself, coz I truely havnt the energy. And Im going to rest. Hope that everyone to some degree understands.

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