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A LONG story


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Hello, welcome back! :)

Mark is right; we missed you!!!

And I'm twice as happy as I would be from the sole fact that you're back: thanks to you good news about SI!!! Well done! Hold on!!!

I'm looking forward to your long story and...

... I wish you good luck! :)


P.S.: By the way, I had a bit "bad week", so thank you for turning my moods to happiness!!! (Don't worry, my week wasn't "bad" because of "something did happen"; on the contrary - I was sad that nothing good or usefull happened, I was only lazy, I was an "avoider" as usualy :), ... and I'm having one month break from my therapy - it's 3 weeks today that I didn't have a session and... I miss it...)

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Someone taking care of him is definitely what's best for him, right now, however it might be managed. But now that the social workers are aware, let them take care of it; they know how. The important thing right now is to take care of you, Pet. I'm glad to hear that you have family who are helping you out. How are you feeling, lately?

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Hi, Pet,

I also worried that you don't have anbody to care about you - as your previous posts/blogs indicated... so I was very afraid you and your brothers would have to go to an asylum for children w/o parents (I don't know how it's called in English...) while your dad will be hospitalized (I supposed the hospitalization was the only solution for him :D )... You did the right think when you opened your heart to your aunts!!! I hope you see now that it wasn't any betrayal (as you had been afraid...)!

How are you now? I also wonder how you are feeling (as Mark does)...

Take care!


(P.S.: I'm relatively fine, thanks for asking (-in the private message) :). As I already stated, I miss the therapy these days, but... I can't complain: My moods are wonderful compared to the long period before I started therapy, so... I only have to... "fix" somehow my ... ability to work and my self-control (I don't do any harm to myslef or anybody else, I mean... I'm doing what I like, not what I should do and I would like "to learn to like what I have to" - that's the problem)... But... it's not worth to mention here, really :P.)

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