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I would like to announce the addition of one new moderator, LaLa3. :) LaLa has been a positive contributor to the community for some time now and we're happy to have her join us. Hopefully we can all work together to help the community run more smoothly.

Welcome, LaLa. :(

Additional moderators to follow...

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Thank you :(...

We deserve your thoughtful, insightful and compassionate guidance.

Sounds so nice, but... I really wouldn't call it guidance :o. I just hope I'll be helpful at least a bit...

I know it could sound a bit stupid to say it here :o, but I'd like you to know that this decision had been done already before the recent "conflict situation" appeared and before IrmaJean/Beth started to question her moderating. The "time lag between decision and action" was due to some "technical issues" and was not related to the "conflict".

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Sorry to ask about it here, but I can't figure out few things on this site and hope you guys can help me... Sorry, I am a dinosaur when It comes to technology.

1. I've noticed that some of you add random quotes to your post. How do you do it?

2. I added my profile picture, but if I go to one of my friends page, It will show that I am among her/his friends, but there is a question mark instead of my picture. Why?

Thank you!

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Danni, nice idea! :o I'll bring everything :(.


it's OK to ask :)

1. There is a little icon for quoting, among other-ones in the upper "panel / toolbar" when you're writing a post (I think you have to write by "Reply", not "Quick reply"), it looks like a baloon in cartoons. You can do it also without it, just by typing [ quote ] ...text... [ /quote ] - but the words "quote" have to be without the spaces before and after them (and you can also use capital letters).

2. Now I already understand also your previous question about your picture :o! You posted a profile pic, which is displayed only on your user profile. For other places, there is a pic called "avatar". So when you go to the user control panel, you add an avatar and this problem will be solved :-).

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Thanks for all your comments here again :o...

I want to announce that I'm not "around" these days and it will probably take longer, as we have less than a week now for the preparation of our 'big' travel :(. And when we'll be there, we'll have so much to arrange that I will not have time for this site. I'm sorry :(, but I also know that you are so great in supporting each other that my absence will not have a 'considerable' impact :(.

I'll think of you... Take care everybody...

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Guest ASchwartz


I want you to know that you are a moderator even though you can't be around much these days. Perhaps, when things settle down, you can resume?

Good luck with all.


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