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I am hoping that a few of you will share some of the songs that help you to cope. Personally, I often listen to soothing or uplifting songs that help to calm me down. Here are some of them:

Natalie Walker--Quicksand (not a well-known song but by far my favorite because I find that it is so hopeful and soothing. Look for the Thievery Corporation remix because it is much better than the original version.)



Jamie Cullum—All at Sea

Duke Ellington—Rhapsody in Blue (great interpretation of the Gershwin classic)

Silverchair—Straight Lines

Stars—The Ghost of Genova Heights

Sufjan Stevens—Jacksonville

Switchfoot—More than Fine, The Economy of Mercy


Zero 7—In the Waiting Line, In Time


Ivy—Edge of the Ocean

Richard Ashcroft—Music is Power

Paul Simon—Learn How to Fall

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This is what I'm talking about..I love music and it's great therapy, so great thread starter Meredith!

Here are just a few of mine.

The Black Crowes~She Talks to Angels

U2~Where the Streets Have No Name

Train~Drops of Jupiter

Natalie Merchant~Carnival

James Taylor~Carolina in My Mind

Madonna~This Used to Be My Playground

Kanye West~Love Lockdown

Natasha Bedingfield~Unwritten

Kelly Clarkson~Because of You


Lenny Kravitz~u name it.....

Jimi Hendrix~Manic Depression, Red House, Little Wing, Foxy Lady, Hey Joe, ......

Tina Turner~......

Antonio Vivaldi~Zima, La Primavera, Wiosna

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Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "We are the Champions", despite the disbelief factor. If you yell it loud enough and often enough, you start to believe.

Jimi Hendrix - "Waterfall". It's the most incredible guitar song I've ever heard.

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I love the idea of sharing music on this site, I only wish there was audio so we could hear the songs listed above. Is it OK to put youtube links here? If so, here are some shorts you can listen to.

The world jamming to Stand by Me.

This one's from paula. It's little Connie singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


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Hi All

Believe it or not, this is the first time that I've seen this thread!

I'm more of a Classical music person my self, but I do like Diana Ross & Motown.

My son runs a forum about music (Top Floor DJ's at the mix) I think it is called that? I know it has Top Floor DJ's in the web address. Anyway, he has just made a video and matched the lyrics to the song, it is really good! Not my kind of music but I like it all the same. He has put that on You Tube. He put it on yesterday. When he comes home from his girlfriends later, I will get the link of him and put it in a separate post so anyone can have a look if they want?

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Well if we are allowed to do that I would like to put in a link for the Sufjan Stevens video because the performance is awesome and so silly that it always makes me smile. I know not everyone gets his music but I think his stuff is incredible. He did a whole album called Illinois that referenced different people and places associated with the state and this song in particular is sort of a history of the city of Jacksonville, Illinois.


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I don’t know. There are a lot of things that I should be doing…assignments to write and a full day of work ahead of me. I have been feeling extremely anxious lately and I had to go do that echo test that I was afraid of at the cardiology office yesterday. It wasn’t horrible, but I couldn’t calm down afterwards. I drove around town trying to distract myself but I ended up buying some alcohol on the way home and I self-injured before bedtime. I shouldn’t have done that. I only slept for three hours. Now I feel like crap and I know getting through the workday is going to be tough.

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Thank you for sharing your songs Proverbs. :o It’s not so “different” to me. I actually grew up with a lot of Christian music because my parents have always been part of the worship and production teams of the churches that they have attended and I even got a chance to see many of the artists perform over the years. My sister and I had fun playing and singing those types of songs together so I can certainly see the value in it.

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Sorry for posting again when I have probably bored all of you enough already. It may sound dumb but, at least for me, there is not much that compares to the excitement of a wonderful sound.

Anyway I’m always looking for new music to inspire me and I really like “life in technicolor II” by Coldplay.

Natalie Walker’s “quicksand” is a really soothing song. If you like that sort of thing she also does great cover of counting crows “colorblind” that is worth checking out.


A Fine Frenzy "whisper"

Alison Krauss and Union Station "baby now that i've found you"

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Guest ASchwartz


Please understand that you are neither boring nor stupid or dum. There is no need to apologize for posting and as much as you like. That is why we are here. In fact, posting is a lot better choice than drinking and self cutting. I am a big supporter of music to help people with depression and anxiety and stress. I want to thank you for the music.

You know, writing is an excellent way to get rid of stress and anxiety, along with music and lots of other methods. So, keep writing.

Allan :o

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