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Moving swiftly along !!!!



Been home for a few days now, and I gotta say I'm loving the freedom of making my own decisions once more :)

Its been a wonderful few days, I've kept myself real busy of a daytime, and have gone to therapy and my out patient group. Gone for lovely long walks in the afternoon and pretty much spent my days exactly how I have wanted to spend them.... best of all the sun has been shining and its been lovely and hot.

Its good to be home, and even better to sleep in my own bed. Wake up in familiar surroundings without loads of people around me.

I realise its early days still, this is me afterall (:)) so Im taking things easy and trying not to allow myself to go stupid with all the things I could be doing (even though seriously its much more fun and exciting to be like that) and just concentrating more on doing the everyday stuff (that helps to keep me out of trouble - possibly:p) ..... guess I'm just trying to stay level headed and not allow my hypers/lowpers to get out of control or rather, get control of me again :o

Hope everyones day is being kind to them, take care.


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So maybe I havnt quite learnt how to stop my hypers influencing me - yet, but hey I guess its okay really as long as Im aware of it :D

But this time its sorta paid off for me in a very weird way. Ive gotten a new job :eek:

So as of tomorrow, if tomorrow is Sunday that is, I will be working in a Deli 5 days a week.

Isn't change suppose to be as a good as a rest - so I will still be taking things easy, just like the docs advise me :(

Hmmm, not really sure that I want to work there, but I suppose it could be fun for a while, and who knows perhaps it will keep me outta mischief for the time being (yeah right :().

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kudos on the job! and good luck too!

not sure how long id stay out of mischeif at a place where i purpetually ponder, then have to ask."how do you like your meat?" i can get into trouble with way less. it would be a bad scene.


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Hi ya Jai :(

thanks :)

yeah Im not so sure how long i will manage to keep the job for, coz as you know I often get myself into 'trouble' usually coz I find something funny or speak before I think. However, I do sometimes suprise myself, perhaps this is one of those times :D

hope your okay hun :(

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Dont know what to write really, but I'm in a typing mood, so I guess I'm just gonna waffle on ......

Work is going really well, and I've managed to keep myself out of trouble/mischief for a whole week :eek:

Not sure what I'm going to do today as I've got the day free, suppose this is a proper test for me to really see if I can avoid being stupid. Admitidly I'm already tempted, and have almost phoned people I know I really should have NO contact with, if Im serious about behaving myself. Cant believe just how hard it is to listen to that voice of common sense inside of me and ignore the little devil inside that is urging me that "just this once wont hurt" and "Heck yeah, I deserve it, coz Ive been so good lately" Hmmm, its times like this that I realise its my own voice that causes me the most problems and NOT as I have previously thought, the voices of them S.O.B.s' I constantly hear inside of me. Bummer. :)

Maybe this is just one of the things I need to learn to overcome, if Im ever gonna learn to be a 'proper grown up' and not just a so called bigger kid trying to fool myself and others around me that I am already a 'proper grown up' afterall age doesnt equal maturaty ...... especially where I am concerned :)

What to do today - I'm actually begining to wonder if the only way I'm ever gonna get and stay back on my own two feet is if I work all hours I am awake - Hmmm failing that, someone could always super glue my size 3s' on terra ferma :)

Hope that everyone is okay, take care

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Instead of it being a bummer to find out that your voice sometimes gets you into trouble, is it okay to see that at least you can change your voice? :-) You don't have to do what the SOBs are sure you will do.

You can be a grownup and a kid. {You already are.} It's just a matter of choosing when to do each one.

Even with your shoes glued to the floor, you'd still tip over.

And then, how would you get up again? :-P

Working all hours may keep you out of trouble, but you know the "all work and no play ..." thing. {You don't strike me as a dull boy ...} The trick is to play responsibly. You need new games, ones that don't hurt in the morning.

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Feeling really sentimental today, its gonna be my little maisy moos' birthday soon. Cant believe shes gonna be 8 this year :eek: so anyway I've posted the last pic I have of her and I together (on my pic profile) (not sure if Im feeling brave or stupid or how long I will leave it up for!) This is my little girl when she was 5 and a half :)

Ok, right guess I best start getting ready for my day as I am sat here caught up with thoughts when I should be boogle bopping and getting myself ready for work etc.... Ooops :)

Oh thanks for all the chocs hope everyone had a good Chocolate Day :)

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